Working By Referral: Thoughts and Tips

Referrals have become quite important since COVID. And industries like the real estate industry has been hit harder then most.

Working By Referral: Thoughts and Tips
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In a world that is trying to get up on its feet during a time where the day-by-day turns seem impossible to navigate, growing your business may likely be the very first and last thing on your mind (all at the same time). Many businesses and professions have taken MAJOR hits as the economy struggles. Because of this, it is important for any Agent or Professional to consider ways to leverage the relationships that they already have. Additionally, it is important to consider how to create new connections that will also benefit you. One thing we are deeply passionate about here at NuOp, besides our amazing Community, is working by referral.

Referrals through NuOp

NuOp is a great way to generate referrals. When using your favorite referral network, you build relationships with online Professionals that allow you to generate money. And, NuOp makes it fast and easy for any Professionals to exchange referrals.  There are times when you have a client to refer and you know just the right Professional with whom to connect them.  Other times, you might know two or three solid Professionals that could get the job done.  And, then there are instances when you need a little help to find the right Professional for your client. NuOp is able to help in all three scenarios. For clarity’s sake, let’s detail those:

  1. Direct Referral – When you know just the right professional.
  2. First-Come, First-Serve – When you know a few good professionals.
  3. Open Referral – When you need a little help to find the right professional for your client.

All three methods are executed using the same form.  Just tap the “Send a Referral” button to get started. The ease with which to use NuOp and your ability to instantly connect with other Professionals within your marketplace and beyond allows you to create more connections that you can use. So, be sure to use and join NuOp to have a platform that allows you to grow your sphere of influence and income.

Relationship Retention = Referral Growth

Generating more referrals happens when you retain the relationships that you have with your clients and grow relationships with others. According to Agent-Broker Geoffrey Green of Green Team Realty, “if we spend the most amount of time, energy, & resources with people who are most likely to refer clients to us, we will make the most amount of money, in the least amount of time and have the most amount of FUN!” Green encourages his Realtors to build their own program.

Quick Tips

How can one do this? It does take work, but here are a few simple things you can do to help people to think of you when it comes time for them or their loved ones to buy or sell.

Handwritten Notes

This seems like such a simple and even silly suggestion, but a handwritten note bodes well for business. Think about how many emails you receive daily that prompt you to pay attention, give a response, or to purchase something. A handwritten note offers a personal touch and goes straight to an underutilized way to personally market – through the mailbox or at their doorstep. According to Laura Cole, Business and Finance author, it is a powerful way to impact business.  Additionally, according to Handywrytten, there are some solid numbers that back up this very notion.

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Client Appreciation Parties

Even though this is something that cannot happen at this very moment, this is something worth planning and scheduling for a future date some time this summer. Most people have been holed up in their homes for months at this point and are looking for things to look forward to this summer. Why not plan a client appreciation party for sometime over the summer? This gives you reason to be in contact with your clients and offers a great, positive energy charged into an otherwise bleak time. According to Wealth Management, clients that feel appreciated are likely to “stick with you in a down market.” “Happy clients mean a stronger, easier business…so show those clients how much they mean to you and reap the benefits.”

Virtual Parties

Additionally, you can even host virtual Happy Hours or Virtual Client Appreciation parties via Zoom or Google. Do a pop by and bring local clients mini-bottles of wine or other spirits. You can get small bottles at your local liquor store or via websites like Drizly. Drop off a mini-bottle on a Monday to twelve to fifteen special clients with a note for a Zoom meeting for a Friday. The gift coupled with a meet time will surely engage most. Check out this Virtual Party Timeline from Buffini and Company to help plan your next party.

Referrals Grow When you Keep Them Watered

You need to make sure that you keep your Sphere of Influence watered if you want your referrals to grow. Tend to relationships and give them time, resources, your attention, and you will see a positive result. Additionally, be sure to network online while you also network in person. Maintaining and growing connections on NuOp will only increase your chances of receiving referrals.