Open Referral Method Saves You Time: Click, Fill, Post

Open Referral Method Saves You Time: Click, Fill, Post
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Habits are undoubtedly a major force in life.  Some habits are beneficial, reduce stress, and afford us a sense of peace and organization while others create stress, minimize productivity, and are just downright ugly.  Breaking bad habits can be difficult but when you have an easy method to replace them, that force diminishes and before you know it, that old habit is broken.

We can knock one of those pesky, old, time-consuming, stressful bad habits off your list today and replace it with one which will be sure to make you as Happy as Larry*.  Who is Larry anyway and why was he so happy? Well, we can tell you one thing, Larry is probably a NuOp Member.

End a Bad Habit

Larry no longer has mornings where he wakes up with an aching pit in his stomach because he still hasn’t finished that task. You know the task, the one that’s been on your list of things to do for the past week.  More specifically? The referral your client requested for a buyer’s agent in Iowa.   You still haven’t been able to complete it because you need to  find a reputable agent and you don’t know anyone in Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa! You grew up in NY, your family lives in NY, your parents grew up in NY, their parents grew up in NY, their parents-parents-parents grew up in NY and you’re stuck in a tiny little bubble with no connections outside of the tri-state area. But, your client is counting on you! They are the ones relocating to another state and you want to help them. Plus, you don’t want them to find a different agent; you’re really, really, really good at your job plus you can make extra money off of the referral but, you just don’t know where to turn!!!!! You’ve spent the last week reaching out to all your contacts to find a trusted agent but you keep coming up empty-handed. NuOp can help you end delays and procrastination when finding a referral.

One day you’ll look back at the days and weeks spent, anxiety-ridden, trying to find the right candidate for your client and giggle at the ease of  NuOp’s Click, Fill & Post.  Curious?

Open Referral Method Saves you Time

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Our open referral method allows you to send your client referral through NuOp’s platform. Once posted, the NuOp Network does all of the work to find you several ready, willing, and able candidates to choose from.  There is no need for you to waste your time searching for the right person; when using the open referral method, the best candidates come to you!  After all, who better to receive your referral than a member with the correct knowledge and a sincere desire to assist your client? Isn’t that who we all want to handle our client referrals?

Click, Fill. Post

All you have to do is log into your NuOp account. If you don’t have one, it takes a few minutes to create and it’s completely FREE to sign up. Once your profile is established, click on create, fill out a quick form (the who, what, when, where & why’s plus your referral fee), then post. Qualified and interested professionals will then see your referral, or what NuOp refers to as an Opportunity, click on your post to claim it, then you can choose which one of those candidates will best suit your clients’ needs. It’s that easy.

Some More Good News! - Conclusion  

If there is not a ready, willing, and able Member to help with your Op, we will find one for you! Our NuOp Member Success Team will go to work on the phone, social media, and various other outlets to find you a ready, willing, and able business professional to help you! It is our “White Glove Service” for Op creators.

The next time you’re looking for a referral, resist the temptation of returning to an old habit and just go to the NuOp app: Click, Fill, & Post. It’s as simple as that; saving you time and fattening your wallet.

Remember NuOp’s Click, Fill & Post. To Sign up, click here.

PS: Check out this great help article that explains each referral method and how to use them!

*Happy as Larry has unknown origins but it’s believed it is a term from the 1890’s when a boxer named Larry Foley won the grand prize of  $150,000. A Newspaper Article from New Zealand headlined “Happy as Larry” and it just stuck.