Real Estate Coaches

Real estate coaches can be a great help. If you have the money for it. Learn more about these coaches and all the good they can bring you.

Real Estate Coaches
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The real estate industry is massive and intimidating. For new agents just stepping into this wide world, it could feel like swimming in an ocean without a life jacket on. And even the most seasoned of agents admit that it can be quite hard. So what kind of options are there to help new and veteran agents alike? One such method is the use of real estate coaches. Hold on, don’t get up and leave just yet, I can hear all the sighs and groans, I get it. We don’t like to think we need help but these coaches have helped millions of agents.

For example, according to Inman’s special report coaches help agents, “do stuff I know I should but don’t.” This is only one of the many things agents feel that coaches help them with. Coaches are a great way to navigate the wide world of real estate and gain a deep knowledge base as well. Let’s talk about why real estate coaches could be for you, and act as your life vest. And with an 87% fail rate, it’s likely everyone needs one, even more so if you go it alone.

What’s The Deal With Real Estate Coaches?

Well, the deal is they are there to help you gain the edge in the industry. Or help you get back on track if you are lost or even help you get in touch with new advancements such as the new wave of digital home buying. There are a bunch of reasons for someone to want a coach other than keeping relevant. Many agents also like people to guide them and hold them accountable for things throughout the coaching time. This also is a huge motivating factor if you think about it. If you have no one to report to and everything is left up to you, how hard will you work? For some that may be a lot, for others maybe not as much. The moment you have someone to impress or look up to that productivity jumps right up.

Another quote from Inman sums this right up, “Do I need someone to get my ass in gear? Yes”

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Real Estate Coaches Increase Business

Many agents like to talk about how their business grew after a long-term coaching period. If you think about it, this is a likely outcome. When you go through coaching you learn new ways to go about your job, and you are guided and helped to put them into practice. If a coach never helped agents in the past increase their business it’s unlikely they would be coaches in the first place right? But this is good to keep in mind if you are struggling with increasing business or referrals.

Also if you struggle with finding referrals then you should join NuOp! It’s free and you get access to a growing list of high-quality referrals. As well as tools like Invite & Earn, My Ops, Connection tools and more. All of this with no cost unlike many “white glove” services out there that take a massive by-in with little chance of making your money back. Sign up today and join a growing community of aspiring and well-established agents helping each other grow.

Coaches Help You Keep Relevancy

Another great thing that coaches help you do not just when you start your agent journey, but even years after, is keeping industry relevancy. There are new certifications coming out all of the time and new ways of business are always forming and developing. Like the mentioned digital wave of home buying with the younger generations.

Real estate coaches themselves have to be up to date in order to help others so when you sign up for coaching with the goal to stay relevant you know it’s worth it. Speaking of staying in the now, just think about how much COVID changed the housing market forever. And how to go about the day-to-day, so it makes sense if you can’t do in-person showings to use things like VR or drones to do virtual showings. VR is confusing, how can you pick it up? Finding a coach that can help in that specific area.

Finally, with some programs, you may even get access to their professional network. Which can lead you to great business and also give you a boost. Just get ready to pay a pretty penny for this, but hey you don’t have to when NuOp is free!

Coaches Give One On One Attention

Do you need more attention in order to do well? Tired of the times when the attention of a teacher or other speaker has to be divided up between a large room of people? Well, the good news is that a lot of coaching programs include one on one phone calls and meetings, so all the focus is on you! So if you need that alone time with someone to really learn and grow and get the help you need. A real estate coach or program can be perfect for you.

Though one thing to note is this is not the only option. If you are not in control of your program or the coach you pick. And if it’s instead selected by your manager or brokerage then you are more likely to still be in that group meeting style. But these are still strong meetings and worth the time, and better yet it would cost you nothing if it’s paid for by the company. What’s better than free right?

There Are Many Real Estate Coaches, Here Are Some Options

Now that you know some things about coaching and you’re taking a look, you may realize that there are many, many options to pick from. Right after everything was looking like smooth sailing now you have to make a decision. And decisions are hard. So in an effort to make it slightly less challenging, I put together a small list of three possible coaches to pick from.

As one final note, if you are paying out of pocket and are a solo agent, many programs are costly. This is because of the benefits they offer and the connections they can bring. As well as just the value of the education. While some are expensive, they are worth it.

Jon Cheplak – A high-end coach which shows in the pricing, but is widely regarded as a high-class coach. And is more of a by-call basis. Which is $997 per call with one of his agents or $1,997 directly with him.

Learn With Lee –  This is a lot more affordable for solo agents or new players in the field. Learn With Lee offers programs starting as low as $199.0 for a “Strategy Recharge” 1-month course. As well as up to $1,000 for a one-on-one coaching-certified course.

Kathleen Black Coaching And Consulting – Finally we have KBCC. This has no price listings but they offer a free 30-minute call where you can inquire further.

These are just three options and they vary vastly in offerings and pricing. There is no one golden option, if there were that person would be rich! But hopefully, with these three you can start to gauge your options and think about what comes next for you. If you want an even longer list, and where I got these coaches, make sure to check out Follow Up Boss’s great list.


There you have it, hopefully, this helps you understand what real estate coaches are and what they can help with. As well as a little insight into the pricing you should expect from them. We all need help at some point in our professional lives and getting a coach can be a great help. This is not just limited to real estate, it can be anything. There are coaches in all kinds of fields. From mental health to fitness, coaches have an influence on many people’s lives.

Speaking of influence if you don’t want to spend that kind of money but you need help in real estate. Why not join NuOp? It’s free, and you may find yourself in contact with many real estate experts who can help you on your quest. Check it out now and start your journey today.