Professionals Network - Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Joining a professionals network can be a bit intimidating but if you have some knowledge ahead of time. It's less nerve-wracking. Learn more in this blog!

Professionals Network - Top 5 Tips and Tricks
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Every day we spent time networking and we may not even realize it. On that same token every day we spent time in some sort of professionals network but we may not realize this either. But we are! And if you know about this or if you’re like me who just opened their eyes to the power of networking then you may be looking to learn more about it. For starters here is some great news, NuOp can act like one of these networks! But there are others out there. Interestingly enough according to, “Business experts typically define three types of professional networks: operational, personal, and strategic. All three work together, but they function differently and serve different ends.”

With that being said let’s take a look at 5 tips and trips that can help you. These three systems. And some other options out there.

Like I mentioned before NuOp is in fact a network built by and for professionals, so your hunting could end right here if you so chose. But if not, you want to be strategic in your hunt. Whether that is in your search or by building your own network. The ladder is very difficult over the former. The pure definition of strategic networking according to Gail Golden Consulting is, “about enlisting the support of people who can help you to achieve your strategic business goals.” So you want to make sure you find a network that matches your goals and be surrounded by people who have the same ambitions.

Put a math student in the same room as an English major and tell them they have to work together on something. Then wait and see how long until the two start to fight. Trust me, I’m the English student in that example, it happens!

To bring this example back home, if you are an agent or work in any capacity in the real estate industry. NuOp is in a perfect position to help you! If that sounds good to you, make sure to learn more. Oh, and by the way, it’s free.

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2. Keep The Operation In Mind

This is a tip for the larger teams out there and leaders in bigger companies. If you are looking for a network or looking at how professionals network in your team. Maybe you don’t have to look any further than inwards to your own coworkers and wider team. What do I mean? Well, simply put the definition for this type of networking is looking inside where you work, whether that be a small team or a department in a company, and building a relationship to get work done. Normally through doing well in work new opportunities present themselves and isn’t the point in trying to find an outside network, to grow? With that being said, before going out of your way to finding a network, keep your current operation in mind.

It’s likely you can grow and connect from your current position!

3. Don’t Forget Your Personality

The last type of networking many professionals use is personal networking and this is a very powerful one. This type of networking aligns with us at NuOp. We have so much potential in our referrals and in our past experiences and we don’t leverage it as much as we should. And that’s what the last type of networking is all about. The actual definition is more along the lines of this, “enhancing your professional development and exchanging referrals, mostly with people outside of your company.” So when you are out looking for a professionals network make sure to keep in mind your personality and what you have to offer. And don’t forget to surround yourself with people who hold similar goals!

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4. Know When To Build. Know When To Join.

Building a network has been hinted at a few times already throughout this short blog. But what does that mean, it sounds simple right? Instead of joining an already well-established network, you build your own from the ground up. But why would you do this if you could simply join one? Well, this can occur for a few reasons, like there is none for your specific industry or goals. It could be that all the networks you can join cost too much, or the people in them do not match your business goals. All of this is very possible! In that case, you may want to think about growing your own network.

But this does not mean making an app or an entire website, which may cost too much and take a little too much time. But, what do we all have access to that can serve this same purpose?

Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.

There is no need to piecemeal together an entire site and operation when you can use these tools for free right now. And more likely than not you already do use them! All you got to do is change how you look at your Facebook groups or make your own and you’re off to the races.

Here are some examples of specific networking groups where people refer each other or in general help each other succeed.

This list can go on for a while but I think you get the point. But how do you know when to just join? Well, simply put if you don’t want to or have the means to build one. Most times this is the best, and simplest, option.

5. Be An Active Participant

Finally, you want to be active in the networks you join. This may seem self-explanatory but it’s worth being said. You do not want to be the person that never talks and only speaks up when something directly benefits you. That more than not will give you a bad look and other users will be wary of you. Or depending on the network especially if they are always low on spots for new users you may even get kicked.

Talk to people, share referrals or business opportunities (if applicable), and you should see your time engaging with the community being rewarded. But this is more based on the network you join, some may be more active than others. It’s all about research and feeling it out.


And there we have it, some tips and tricks among general info to help you with understanding or just looking for networks out there. These places are fantastic for growth as people who want success tend to gravitate toward them. All you got to do is know where to look.

NuOp is a great place to start and try out as it’s free and you get access to some amazing tools. Agents who want to grow their referral base or send referrals to other agents and cash in with some referral fees may likely find a great home here. Why not try it out?

Thanks for reading!