NuOp Product Update #12

The most recent update from NuOp. Come see what's new!

NuOp Product Update #12
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

March of 2023 came and went and with it, we pushed out a bunch of new features! We have been hard at work making sure NuOp is what you need it to be, and today we will be talking about:

  • "My Network"
  • Add/Import Contacts Feature
  • The Amazing New Member Profile Design
  • Avatar Editing Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Some New Cosmetics

If you have an eager eye you may have seen some of these already. But nonetheless, let's get going.

Introducing "My Network"

"my network" empty state

“My Network” is a powerful addition to NuOp because it gives you the ability to invite your contacts so that you can jump start the monetization of your business relationships. There are two main sections to "My Network" one being the contacts screen, the other being the connections screen. Let's talk about them separately to make it easier.

Contacts -

This page will most likely be blank for you. And that's ok! Here you can see everyone you imported from your contacts using our system. Then with a click of a button, you are able to invite them to NuOp and then they will be added to your Invite & Earn program.

Once someone you invite joins, you will get a notification and the status will change on your contacts page to let you know your invitation has been accepted. Pretty cool right?

Invite your new imported contact -

blue button that says invite

Connected With This Contact -

green word that reads Connected

Connections -

This tab is likely where most of your time will be spent. The meat and potatoes of "My Network". Here you can see everyone you are connected with on NuOp (and don't worry. When someone joins using your invite, they are automatically connected with you and dropped into this tab). You can also see things such as their plan, phone number, email, last login, Opportunities created, opportunities received, and if they are contributing to your Invite and Earn Program.

With easily scannable data, 'My Network' makes it simple to see who is worth giving business to. And in return making you more money.

Finally, with both of these tabs, you are able to fully customize your view of the data being displayed. Using the filters and columns settings you can change the layout as much as you like. "My Network" is a game changer for your business.

Contact Import Feature

contact import page

Now it is easy to import your contacts into your "My Network" module. You are able to pick from your preferred email service and import everyone at once, or by alphabetical grouping. We want it to be easy for you to start making money and growing your opportunities on NuOp, and with this at your disposal, it has become even simpler to add your network.

Profile Revamp

If you have not checked out your profile in a while, go do it! You will be greeted with a fantastic new profile look.

user profile updated

What's new with the profile module? Let's take a look at each new section.

  • Op Activity: This is where all of your activity will be held in relation to Opportunity creation. You can see this data displayed in two neat formats.
  • Profession: Here you are able to add your profession. As well as what type of professions you are most likely to exchange opportunities with.
  • Good Ops for me: In this section, you can list via tags, all the opportunities that are the best for you. This helps you get the Ops that you want.
  • Experience: Add all of your experiences in a timeline format! Show others your journey to where you are now.
  • Honors & Awards: List out all your accomplishments such as degrees, awards, certificates, and more.
  • Community Involvement: Are you active in your community? Showcase your titles and what you did in this section.
  • My Favorite Members: Have someone you loved working with? Or just know a member on NuOp who is a genuinely nice person? Showcase them on your profile in this section!  Pro tip:  In order to get a member to display in this section simply go to their profile and click the heart icon at the top.  

Want to try this stuff out? Head on over to your new profile and give it a whirl.

Avatar Editing Updates

Before we move away from the beautiful profile, we should note that it is now easier to edit your avatar. Hence, you can do it all on the same screen! And better yet you are able to update your profile image here as well. And if you're an old guard of NuOp this is a lot more customizable now. You are able to crop, zoom, and rotate, instead of hoping the image uploads fine. The days of heads being half cut off in profile pictures are over!

profile picture upload and crop

Bug Fixes

  • Added fixes to My Network contacts to improve its performance.
  • Fixed op comments module from showing comments multiple times in the feed
  • Various other bug fixes.


  • Resized certain icons.
  • Added honors to profile.
  • Added Community Involvement to profile.
  • Plus the sweet new profile overhaul!


With March done and dusted, we are excited to see what you will do with the new tools that are added to the platform.

If you need more help using and learning the "My Network" tool make sure to check out our help article all about it. Once you get going with it, you will see how powerful it can be on your NuOp journey. And lastly, if you ever need help feel free to reach out to our support directly, and if you liked this blog we have an ever-growing list of content that you can enjoy whenever you like!