NuOp Product Update #11

The NuOp product update is here! Come check out what's new.

NuOp Product Update #11
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

Happy October everyone! Let me take a moment away from your regularly scheduled blog posts to talk about some updates with NuOp. It’s been a while since we did an update for you all and a lot has changed over the last few months. And we are always trying to up our game to give you the best tools we can to help you grow as an agent, and more. But without further ado let’s jump into the new things on NuOp!

The New Stuff:

Promoting The Pros – More ways for you to show off your Pro status. Such as a Pro checkmark on the Op list view, a banner on the profile view, and a badge.

Added status; “Available” | “Pending” for creator view | “Claimed” in normal list view – See what’s live and what’s gone.

Added “Invited By: [Member Name] on Profile – Show the love for whoever invited you with a mention on your profile!

Added bell notifications – Always be up to date on referrals with bell notifications.

Added Op comment ability – Now you have the ability to stay in contact with your referral partner in the Op detail screen. Never lose track of progress again.

Invite & Earn Overhall – Track your earnings in detail and watch your invitee’s status.

Added “Back To Top” Button – No more painful scrolling.

General Settings Update – Overall enhancement of the settings menu. Easily set notifications, update your profile, and more.

NuOp app referral list view

Introducing – My Ops

By far the most important feature in the update is the introduction of the My Ops feature. With this powerful tool, you now have unlocked a new wave of organization and collection. From this one powerful section, you can see all sorts of historical and present info:

  • Who the referral/Op was created by
  • Who it was sent to
  • The Op code (Each one has a code to identify it.)
  • Type of referral and profession
  • Location
  • Date created and status

And outside of this, you are able to customize how this information is presented, VIA column filters. You get base access to this info with a free Essential account but with higher plans, you get even more in-depth looks into the data. Now you can focus in on what matters and who so you can get the most out of your time. A clear transactional history of your interactions on NuOp, which is great for both referral senders and claimers.

Bug Fixes:

UI response fixes.

Fixed an issue with unsubscribing.

Various other bug fixes.


That’s the October rundown! As you can see we have been rather busy trying to make the best platform for you as possible. And with the uphill climb of building something important and valuable like this, we all thank you greatly for taking the journey with us. And as the months’ progress, we will have more to share, happy referring!