Organization Is Powerful

Organization is a needed pillar in life. But how many of us are actually organized people?

Organization Is Powerful
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Think about it, how organized are you? Maybe a lot or maybe not at all. We all have been somewhere on the spectrum at one point, sometimes longer than others. Suddenly when we look at our chaotic rooms filled with random clutter we cringe. It’s nowhere near organized! We could be a lot more efficient if we took the time to fix it.

The fact is organization is powerful and should be used when possible to make your life more controlled and efficient.

The Power Of Organization

So why is being organized so strong? Well, there are a lot of different benefits that it can bring you. To name a few; stress relief, better sleep, more ‘you time’, better productivity, and finally just a better overall life. When that weight gets lifted off your shoulders you find things that were hidden from you before. Under that massive list of “should dos” and “maybe laters” we all say.  Not only will organization help you in your personal life by finding new passions and recovering time, but your professional life will also benefit. According to, “When you are organized and productive, you can prioritize work and excel, which aids your career progress and success.”

With all of that being said, let’s take a quick look at each way organization can help you.

Stress Relief

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When there is a list of things sitting on your chest you will feel that pressure. And it will stop you from doing a lot of things you know you should be doing. Or maybe it won’t stop you but what you do is lower quality. Have you heard of brain fog? One of the main causes is stress and trust us, it sucks. It sucks even worse when it’s prolonged. So, if one of the causes is stress it makes sense to fight it as hard as you can right?

If one of your stressors is organization then spend time fixing what needs to be fixed! One of the hardest things to admit is that even know we say there is no time, there always is. It just has to be made. Most times that means making a compromise, but performing well at work and enjoying your personal time are important to you. Then a compromise may not be the worst in the world.

Better Sleep

Sleep is another important aspect of our lives that is heavily impacted by how we keep ourselves organized. Also funnily enough this is something many people don’t think that much about.

“I can deal with only a few hours. It’s fine.” the sentence that kills kings. We, in fact, can not deal with only a few hours of sleep. But we all collectively tricked ourselves into believing so.

according to, “35.2% of all adults in the U.S. report sleeping on average for less than seven hours per night.” This could stem from a bunch of different reasons. Working late to keep on top of things, grinding through homework, and so on. But we at least need seven or eight hours to be at our best. And if everything is unorganized it’s likely you do things as they come which can ruin other aspects of your health. Sleep is one of them. Organization = better sleep.

Organization = Higher self-esteem

Being in control of your organization is a great feeling and leads to higher self-esteem. Its a compounding effect, if you like your office to be clean and everything in the right spot where you can find it, that can be a great feeling. Having a schedule or to-do list can make it so you feel ready to win the day.

Though be careful with to-do lists, they can lie to you. We only have a certain amount of willpower in a day, like our phone battery. And everything we do will take some of that willpower and by the end of the day, or the end of your list, you are dragging your feet. This is how to-do lists lie to you. Do what’s most important to you right away. If you want to learn more about this and where we picked this up from, check out  the book, “The ONE Thing.”

Our willpower is not on will-call.


As you can see organization is a very powerful thing to tap into. So many people do not see its importance or do not care since the negatives have not become that apparent yet. Being organized can help you stay productive and in a good mental state both at work and at home.

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