Introducing "My Network"

'My Network' is yet another tool we are more then happy to have out for you all. With it you have another powerful tool in your toolbelt to super charge your B2B referral game.

Introducing "My Network"
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"My Network" is an important feature to your professional toolbox. Organization is critical, with it you can be a strong agent and professional. Keeping referrals and the info regarding it all nice and neat can be a hassle. But with the adition of this feature it has been made simple. Just another way you can save time using NuOp.

Let's go over this tool in a little more detail. If you wanted to jump right into the tool itself, check out this article to help you get going.

"My Network" And It's Features

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There is a really good quote from Hubspot CEO Mike Velop which reads, "Every person in your database has value, you need to determine what that value is." This may not sound like much to everyone but it should matter. We all make so much value from the connections we have and we so willingly throw it to the wind. But why is that? Well for starters it is because this data is not visible to the everyday person. Also it is a real pain to collect data. Think about it, when was the last time you willingly collected all the info around a referral or a connection? Now the pain of info gathering is lifted off your chest with this new tool.

This data is becoming more visible and more readable to the everyday person. We believe that when the world finally sees the data, no one will willingly throw away their business any longer. Here are some features you should expected when exploring "My Network".

Contact Creation

Now you have a one stop shop to track your network and invites. Just like the message from Hubspots CEO, you will be able to find the value of your network.

Customizable Data

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Being able to see your data is great, but being able to customize and display it as you want is even better. Just like in 'My Ops' you have full control over the filters and columns and how they are ordered.

Find Members And Connect

You will be able to find Members who you are not connected with and connect with them. Maybe a past referral partner was solid and you wanted to stay in touch. Or you just want to make connections. Using 'My Network' you can grow your business strategically and quickly.


There you go! A quick overall look of NuOp's new feature, 'My Network'. We are very excited for this new tool and to see how everyone plays around with it! We have been giving it our all in order to make it great for you all and its exciting for it to be out the door. We are always excited to be giving you the tools you need in order to sit back, relax, and grow your business.

Make sure to sign up for free today if you have not already to get access to 'My Network' Also, once again check out this helpful article for a full breakdown on how to use 'My Network' .