Lead Generators Real Estate - 3 Tips From Pros

Here are 3 tips from pros on lead generators real estate! With these tips, you can supercharge your lead gen.

Lead Generators Real Estate - 3 Tips From Pros
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Lead generation is a scary thing to think about and the difficulty of it is one of the reasons NuOp was born. If you google some tips and tricks it may be hard to find good places of info among the sea of the internet. So that’s why this list was made! Here are three pieces of advice directly from some of the experts on NuOp. Hopefully, this can help you understand lead generators in real estate a bit more, or gives you a few new angles to look at it from!

1. Giovanni Lasalandra

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“If you want to gather leads you want to go out there and spend time with people. If no one knows what you look like then you are just another agent to them. Spend time in your community and show that you are not just another person trying to get their money. Show people, you want to really help them get the best property they can get.”

This is a great point, we talked about this in another blog but it’s something that needs to be said over and over to stick. If you want to spin the wheels and become a good lead generator then you can’t hide from people. If you want people to trust you with their time and money then you need to work for it as well. Go to or support local events, help your community when you can, and so on.

2. Geoff Green, NuOp CEO

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“The NAR profile of home buyers and sellers report stats that roughly 66% of sellers and 50% of buyers find their realtor by a recommendation from friends, neighbors, relatives, or they use the same Agent they had in the past.  This means that the real estate lead gen game is really all about relationships.  Not so much about Zillow, direct mail, & digital ads. There are a million things one can do to nurture relationships, but one thing in particular that becomes more effective as time goes on (because fewer and fewer people do it) is physical event cards.  Meaning birthday cards, closing anniversaries, & wedding anniversaries.  If a Real Estate Agent gets serious about putting a plan in place to send these out each year they will definitely help themselves deepen the relationships with those in their sphere.”

Just like knowing your community, building and keeping healthy relationships with past clients is critical. This is one way to keep your lead gen going along quickly, relationships are key.

3. Krissy Many

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“One tip I would share is to join the local chamber of commerce and network at their events as well as other; non real estate related events. We are in the people and relationship business, so building genuine connections with people outside your normal sphere can help lead to new clients and opportunities. A word of caution; authenticity is key. The focus needs to be on meeting people and enjoying the events and not trying to sell yourself.”


Thank you to everyone who gave their valuable tips on these subjects, and hopefully, this was enlightening for you! If you were going through this and were still thinking of the struggles lead generators real estate provokes. Don’t fret to much there is a great solution for you and that’s NuOp. NuOp streamlines the referral process overall to make it quicker, easier, and scalable. You also get instant notifications on referrals in your area allowing you to grow locally.

Sign up, get notified, review and claim. It’s that simple. And it’s free.

Each and every one of us holds valuable referrals, and each and every one of us has wasted them at one point or another. No matter if you are an agent or work in some other referral-heavy field, when you give someone business via a referral, that transition ends with them. It’s up to that person to follow through with the referral. We may not be looking for a thank you, but we are looking for some business in return

That last part there is so important. Gaining referrals takes time and effort as you build yourself up, and giving those valuable referrals away to a colleague or another agent is a mixed bag. Sometimes you lose them and their value, other times you may be surprised and actually gain something out of the referral. Whether that be in the form of a referral fee or something else you do want something in return. It’s natural.