Why it's Important to Understand Your Community

Community is important. Even more so for real estate agents, here's why you should care about your community.

Why it's Important to Understand Your Community
Photo by Mike Erskine / Unsplash

Something that may not seem like a game-changer to many people in all kinds of public industries is the community in which they work. The workers, teachers, doctors, police, EMS, and so on all can have an impact on you or your business, both positively and negatively depending on your interact with your wider community.

And on the flip side, these members may know of you or your business and will judge it accordingly, even more so if its a tight knit town where everyone knows each other and each other’s extended family. So if your an entrepreneur, real estate agent, broker, Dunken Dounts manager, student and so on here are some ideas to keep in mind when interaction with your community.

Find New Friendships and Opportunities

The amount of countless opportunities that await you in your own area can be baffling. What’s even more baffling is the number of entrepreneurs that would likely skip out on leveraging these avenues of growth.

It may be intimidating to engage with your wider community but fear not, you don’t have to go door to door knocking! Go to networking events, aid the community in fundraisers (which benefactors normally get their name listed.), start a club at the library, the ways you could do this are only limited to your imagination.

Heck, with the growing digital world and the Metaverse soon upon us, if you are savvy in crypto why not run a short weekly informative meeting to teach people about it?

Once your name is out there, people will be likely inclined to trust you with more things, and this is when it’s likely you will bump into opportunities. Need a coder? David, who came to your crypto meetings comes up to you afterward and mentions his group of friends who are A+ students in C++ and Python and they are looking for work.

Boom you just got your suite of programmers. If you work in real estate you are likely to pull in referrals and grow your network, which you then can recommend to others through NuOp, or they will refer you to others through the platform.

According to entrepreneur.com, “This kind of shared economy helps build communities, support collaboration, encourage learning and improve sustainability.

Learn Your Communities Unique Struggles

There are some large companies that where born out of their community’s struggles and hardships. These businesses stand out from the rest and get a lot of praise from local and regional sources for giving back. This publicity helps them grow even faster, so on and so forth.

For example, AirBnB has a program called “OpenHomes Campaign” where they provide temporary housing to those displaced by conflict, illness, or natural disasters. This is a very powerful program which helps legitimize them both locally and even globally as a company that gives back.

Agents Who Know Their Community Are Picked First.

Now for a more real estate-specific one for you agents and brokers out there. When people are looking for agents to help them find a house or sell they are most likely looking for someone that knows the area like the back of their hand. Would you go to an agent that just moved into the area and knows nothing about the community or people in it? Don’t be scared to say no!

That’s why agents who gain leads and referrals from their own hometown gain them first and at a higher quantity than agents that are moving into that area. Simple concept right? What’s even better NuOp can help you do this, make sure to give it a look! Knowing your community and using NuOp can help you get the edge you need to stand above the rest and gain all the referrals you would want. And build your reputation even more.

Kindness Given Is Kindness Gained

If you keep these points in mind, no matter what level you are at you should gain a better standing with your wider community. The world is a very hostile place and there is less kindness in the world now then ever, if you show a pure heart, you’ll see a increase in trust and hopefully a increase in growth for not just you but your business and your community.