How to connect with Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Team Leaders on NuOp

Getting connected on NuOp is as easy as a few clicks. That's because it is!

How to connect with Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Team Leaders on NuOp
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Growing your referral network on NuOP is all about making the right connections. The best way to start is with the real estate agents, brokers and team leaders you already know. By locating them on, or inviting them to the app you can begin building your connections. As your network continues to grow, you will receive suggestions to connect with other members, just as others will receive recommendations to connect with

Getting Connected

In the Get Connected section, you will find members who are new to NuOp, Members who are located in your general geographical area and, if you allowed the app to access your contacts, members from your mobile device. You can tap the “CONNECT” icon on a photo to immediately send a Connect Request. If you would like more information first, tap on the photograph and it will bring you to that member’s profile page. If you decide to send that member a Connect Request, just tap the green “CONNECT” button.

Getting in touch with others is a powerful way to reach sucess or new opportunities. You never know who you are going to meet, and if it becomes a great relationship, then you never know where it will take you. This topic is talked about in depth in our Business Connection blog. So make sure to check that out if you want to learn more. And even get some tips!

Community and News

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The news section is where you’ll find posts from users on a wide variety of subjects. If you would like to make a connection with someone who has submitted an interesting post, tap that user’s profile picture and you’ll be taken to their profile page. Once there, just tap the green “CONNECT” button if you’d like to add that member to your network.

If you want to connect with others in a specific area, the Search functions make that easy to do. Tap on the search bar at the top of the Home Screen and type in your query. NuOp uses native language search, which means the search engine will understand when you type in something like “agents in San Fran.” You will be presented with a list of members meeting your criteria. Tap on the photo to be taken to a member’s profile page. If you would like to send a Connect Request after reviewing the information, just tap the green “CONNECT” button.


NuOp makes it easy to connect with othere and grow your network. Now with tools such as 'My Network' and 'My Ops' this has become even simpiler. Gone are the days of this being a painful, and stressful, activity. If you like this blog and want more covering various topics make sure to check out our growing list here.