Referral Networking. Why NuOp is The Best Option

Referal networking is a big deal, and there are many networks out there to join. In this blog we talk about why NuOp is the best option.

Referral Networking. Why NuOp is The Best Option
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Referral networking has become a very strong tactic to use for growth and there are many referral networks out there to choose from. People go down this path to grow their businesses or just grow themselves. And unlike many other aspects of our lives, the concept of referral networking has not changed much over the course of time. We have robots that clean our floors and cars that drive themselves. All of this brings a large amount of convenience to our lives and saves a crap ton of time. Allowing us to focus our efforts where it matters. But referral gathering has not been convenient and matter of fact it became less convenient since COVID and significantly harder to do. It’s about time for someone to bring innovation to the referral networks space and thankfully it’s here, and it’s called NuOp.

But before we talk about NuOp we should take about referral networks in general first.

Referral Networks

We have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among the many other social media platforms. Now, these are great for gathering and growing your social proof, they are not so great for getting and tracking referrals. Also, the current process of doing so is time-consuming. It requires you to go to countless events and meet people. Some of which you may not even want to meet. And you have to hope and pray you do not lose contact with your referral partners.

And what does all this add up to?

Less and less time for you to be doing what you want to be doing. Like working on your business or maybe writing that book you keep telling yourself you want to write. Not to mention the sometimes hateful comments you may receive when advertising on these platforms.

Other than that, here are some other downsides:

  • The leads can and most likely will go cold without constant stimulation.
  • Could get the wrong type of referrals.
  • If you want to send the referral to someone else in your network, how do you pick the right person?

Why stack up all these downsides? Well, NuOp can help solve every. single. one. Pop those confetti canons, the solution is here.

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NuOp. A Referral Networking Solution

The space of data-driven and motivated referral networks has been a desert for a long time. And if this discouraged you then don’t fret, you are not alone. While the old way of referral networking does work it slowly has become less and less viable in our current world. While some online referral networks do exist, there are some glaring issues with the way they are handled. Such as:

  • Charging an arm and a leg for access to the network.
  • Little chance of an ROI.
  • Low-value referrals.
  • Little communication and access to support.
  • Less security.

And here is what you can get access to when joining NuOp for free, as an Essential member.

  • Access to an ever-growing referral base on the live feed.
  • Instant ROI.
  • High-value referrals.
  • Fluid communication from support and ease of access.
  • High level of security. NuOp uses blockchain to make sure you and your info are safe.

NuOp is a marketplace built by and for professionals to grow themselves and their businesses. The process for gathering referrals has for a long time been antiquated. And in a world of innovation, it’s a crime that a solution, which does not cost your child’s college-saving funds to access, has not come out yet. NuOp is the answer to this problem. Not just for referral networking but a solution in which all business professionals can enjoy and use for growth.


Referral networking is a strong plan of action. But with a quickly changing digital world forming around us. This method has remained mostly unchanged for a long time. Either because no one wanted to fix it or no one could fix it without charging so much for it. With a new wave of evolution coming over the horizon, NuOp aims to be the first platform bold enough to change how we do business. Only one question remains, will you join us?