7 Creative Ways To Generate Real Estate Referrals

Real estate referrals are important. That's why in this blog we put together 7 creative ways to get some.

7 Creative Ways To Generate Real Estate Referrals
Photo by Maria Ziegler / Unsplash

There are a lot of important aspects in our lives. Going shopping, eating, relaxing, and so on. Just like how all of these things are vital, real estate referrals are critical in your real estate livelihood. At times it seems easy to gather them up and use them for your business but other times you run out and no more come down the river. Then you’re wondering “How can I get out of this dry spell? How can I generate more referrals?” Well, the good news is that there are some ways to quickly find more and even have fun in the process. With these seven ways to creatively gather real estate referrals, you may find a new, and fun, way to do business.

1: Take Advantage Of Technology

If you tend to avoid tech due to its seemingly complex nature and time-consuming learning curve, you are willingly forfeiting a lot of gains. That’s the harsh reality of it. But don’t worry, most tech looks confusing from the onset but once you take time to study and adapt the benefits are numerous. For example, the current beast in tech is web 3 and crypto and by all means, it’s complex. But the people who have put aside the fear of this complexity are growing successful businesses on this new frontier. Like Nemus for example. An Amazon Rainforest preservation project that grew some massive steam.

But what does this mean for you, a real estate agent? Well just like these growing metaverse startups, you can utilize tech to empower your business. Use social media to do online events, polls, gatherings, and so on. Zoom, Google Meets, and Webex, are great tools for Webinars.

Don’t be scared of tech, use it! And NuOp is a new tool that helps you gather referrals with ease. And allows you to grow business opportunities with others. Plus it’s easy to use. In only a few clicks you can submit or claim a referral and earn money!

2. Be Outgoing, Know Your Community.

This one may seem obvious but how will anyone know about you if you don’t show yourself to the community?  If you take a look at other agents in your area that may be getting more real estate referrals. What are they doing that you aren’t? Maybe they are out talking with neighbors, throwing potlucks, or just, in general, being an active member of the community. We have an entire blog just about this, here, but there are some good points to re-mention:

  • New friendships and opportunities lie in your hometown.
  • Benefactors list the name of people who donate to them for events.
  • “This kind of shared economy helps build communities, support collaboration, encourage learning, and improve sustainability.” from entrepreneur.com.
  • Some companies were born out of their community’s struggles. Learn what they are and maybe try to fix them.
  • Agents who know their community are picked first.

3. Advertise – Creatively.

Just like tech, there is power in advertising but you can’t just give out cards and expect that to carry your entire business. Even if it worked in the past. The act of advertising has moved past simply handing out cards and now incorporate creative aspects. Things like swag (pens, shirts, bottles.) and digital marketing on social media. Little white business cards can only get so far. Make sure to back them up with something more tangible. People like things they can actively use in their day, and as much as we like cards. People can’t write with them or fill them with water.

4. Give Out Real Estate Referrals As Well.

You know what they say, don’t just take make sure you give as well. If you find yourself collecting a lot of referrals and you have more than you need. Don’t just hoard all of them, some may even go cold and become lost leads. Give them out to other agents! A growing community where people exchange referrals and business is a great thing to be a part of. People connect and build each other up and help each other grow as agents and professionals. And guess what? That is exactly what NuOp is! And where other referral networks charge you an absurd amount of money to just get in, NuOp is free to join and use!

red cross member looking over buildings and a field during the day

5. Volunteer With Charities.

This goes hand in hand with knowing your community but it’s important enough to warrant its own slot on this list. When people see you volunteering at a charity wheater that is with the Red Cross after a disaster, an animal shelter, a food bank, and so on, people won’t look to you as a complete stranger. They are more likely to refer you to their own base of connections and you can get a lot of good press. Though of course don’t just do this for press alone, your heart should be in it. Be the change that you want to see in the world even if it’s on a local level.

6. Follow Up With Past Partners And Connections.

Even after you have done business with someone you should keep in contact with that person. Even more so if the interactions you had with that person were good. What’s more of a waste than tossing aside a successful referral partner once you are done with them? But let’s say that you never discard any previous partners, instead, the contact just goes cold. Meaning they change their email, phone number, or just move. How can you make sure you both stay in touch? For a while there was no real good way, now there is NuOp! On NuOp you are able to stay in touch via the connections feature. Now you won’t have to worry about referrals going cold.

7. Join A Referral Network

This one is bound to be on any list and there are a few different networks you could join. But like mentioned in tip four many charge a mass sum of money for you to simply enter. They label themselves as a white glove service but after you pay the fee to get in, it would have to be a golden glove service in order to give you ROI.

But why pay an arm and a leg for something you can get for free on NuOp? And get high-quality service and referrals. Alongside constant referrals on the live feed, you also get access to a growing catalog of blogs like these every week. Plus all the other tools that have been mentioned throughout this article! The communication feature, Invite & Earn and much more coming in the near future. If you want in on the action and want to save time and gain money and business make sure you sign up for free today. Who doesn’t want free business?


And there you have it. Seven creative ways to gather real estate referrals. If you take a few of these and combine them together you will see your referral base and your business grow. And with a uncertain post-pandemic world, a way to keep making money and doing business is a win. Also if you take these tips and bring them with you onto NuOp, you will be an unstoppable Star Agent or professional in no time.

What’s stopping you? Sign up today and claim the full potential you know you are capable of.