5 Quick Tips For More Referral Generation

Need some quick tips? We got some for you here, learn some tips to get better at referral generation!

5 Quick Tips For More Referral Generation
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If you’re like us, you LOVE a good referral. There’s nothing better than having your character, business, and reputation work for you. With that stated, and we’re sure it comes as NO surprise to you, most of these ideas hinge on the principle of relationships. You may already be running a strong team with a good word-of-mouth business, but here are tips you may consider adding to your repertoire to increase referral generation.

The Tips

1. Make Your Clients Your Friends.

After the transaction ends, check in, send cards, make a phone call, or send a text message. Maintaining relationships with people after you’ve completed a sale is a great way to ensure that you’re at the forefront of their mind should any real estate needs, concerns, or referrals arise.

2. Use Your Sphere of Influence: Create Connections Among People You Know.

Are you having a gathering? A party? An event? Include people you know on the guest list. Invite the local musician you see play at the corner pub, invite your kids’ swim coach, invite the people your mom knows from her quilting group… maybe not all at once… BUT including different types of people with whom you already associate will allow for you expand your network. Remember, first the person has to know you to like you and has to like you to trust you. Start with small gestures and build from there to generate referrals.

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3. Use Referral Networking Sites and Applications like NuOp.

Creating connections online is not just for college kids and Instagram influencers. Having the ability to connect through a network such as NuOp will allow you to be the person that another agent or broker will think of if they have a client moving to your area. Building and maintaining online relationships can be a fruitful endeavor if you give it some proper time and attention.

4. Check your Ego at the Door.

Try to always remember that the more you remember that this is a cooperative business and the less you allow yourself to be bruised by bumps in the road, the better you will fair in this industry.

5. Maintain your Professional Relationships.

Think about it. As a broker or an agent, if you have similar offers coming in, you are most likely going to choose the one from the agent with whom you have the best relationships. You will choose the person with the best track record with you. So, it is important that you, too, maintain your professional relationships.

Bonus Tip!

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t always WAIT for a referral. Be sure to also send one, as well. Use your SOI to not only help you, but to help others and it will also yield a positive result for you, too!

NuOp Is Here For You

One extra extra tip is that you do not have to go it alone! NuOp is here for you and makes referring a whole lot simpler. Get notified of referrals in your area instantly as well as have access to three powerful referral methods.

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