Why you should want to grow your Real Estate network on NuOp™ and how…

Let NuOp help grow your network. But how? Learn out how in this quick blog

Growing your Real Estate network is an essential activity for your success as a Real Estate Professional. It pays to be connected with great Real Estate Sales Associates in areas where we have clients moving to and from. Let’s face it. We don’t have the time and we don’t want to use our money for an airline ticket just to make a few connections. Instead, we use the internet and chip away at Social Media, not knowing (or understanding) how, or if, it is increasing our bottom line. It gets frustrating.

Ever Wanted Another Way?

Before we tell you HOW to grow your Real Estate network with REALLY™, we want to tell you WHY you should want to!

REALLY™ offers a better way to network.

The issue with all Social Media platforms is that they are all inclusive?—?not exclusive. None are built specifically for the Real Estate Professional. As great as they may be, they never fully resolve many of the challenges we face in the Real Estate Industry. For some, Social Media has even complicated matters or made things worse. The consumer side of the Real Estate industry has seen leaps and bounds in innovation. So why can’t we, as Real Estate Professionals, share in that innovating spirit and create something that can change the way we send and receive referrals?

As a team of exceptional engineers combined with industry experience, we have made a platform that will finally give Agents, Brokers and Team Leaders what they have been waiting for for years. A platform of trust exclusively for Real Estate Professionals with tools to verify, collaborate and refer to one another for free.

How to grow your network on NuOp™

First, just sign up for your account and claim your username. The next thing you should do is verify your account (click here to learn how to verify your account). This process involves verifying your cell phone number, posting your most recent 12 months of sales volume numbers, and making five connections on the platform. You will also be required to update your most recent 12 month sales volume total every six months, with the option to update your numbers anytime. Don’t worry. It’s super easy.

Once you are verified, search for other Agents, Brokers & Team Leaders in areas where your clients move to and from. These are the connections you want to make to get actual referrals. When reviewing profiles on NuOp™, be sure to check their claimed production level and the photo of their sales volume numbers. Lastly, when searching for other Real Estate Professionals, see if you have any connections in common. This way you can check with your common connection to further verify the member.

You may not find Agents and Brokers in some areas. Keep in mind we launched in March 2018 and the word is spreading, so hang tight and keep checking and keep inviting members to the platform.

To increase exposure and to help with your search rankings on NuOp™, we encourage you to join in on the Community section. Not only will you make yourself more available to connect with members and potential referrals, but you also increase your search rankings when members look for Agents or Brokers in your area. In our next major update to NuOp™, we will quantify all actions on the platform, bringing Gamification to the forefront of the platform. Similar to how websites that are active get pushed to the top of search results, your activity on NuOp™ will determine your rankings in search results in your area. Once we have made the update we will send out a fair and straightforward scorecard for quantifying members’ actions.

Apart from you participating in growing your Real Estate network, we have another option that will actively help you grow your network for you!

The Network that gets smarter

NuOp™ goes beyond your typical network thanks to Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). NuOp™ can suggest connecting with members who may refer to you and vice versa. Imagine opening up NuOp™ and seeing a list of members who are more likely to send you referrals.

The AI component of NuOp™ will get better as the platform grows, but for now, everything is in place for the system to learn on its own and we hand over that info to the members of NuOp™.

In summary

1. As an Agent, Broker, or Team Leader, you want to join NuOp™ because it offers a better and easier way to network and send and receive referrals with other Real Estate Professionals.

2. The first thing you have to do to grow your network on NuOp™ is to Verify Your Account.

3. Boost exposure and search rankings by engaging in the Community section.

4. The next major update will include Gamification, so the more you use and engage in the app, the more likely your profile is to appear in search results.

5. AI will help you actively grow your network, suggesting connections with members who are most likely to send you referrals.