NuOp Monthly Roundup January 2019

Monthly roundup from January!

NuOp Monthly Roundup January 2019
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

2019 is off to an exciting start with lots of great stuff happening at NuOp Headquarters.

First and foremost, our PWA (Progressive Web App) is under construction and is shaping up nicely.

We couldn’t be more excited to deliver this, allowing us to expand our member base and continue to make your experience seamless with the ability to operate on your desktop or tablet. We are working on including additional Agent statistics that will allow you to make a better-informed decision on what Agents you should choose to handle your referrals, including the ability to create a Favorites List of your top Agents.

Second, a tip of the cap to our co-founder, Geoffrey Green. Geoff has been named one of RIS Media’s 2019 Class of Newsmakers in the category of Trendsetters. The Creative Thinkers. Geoff has grown Green Team New York Realty from a tiny office in 2006 to a tiny office that is now home to 80 Agent’s, in addition to expanding across the border to New Jersey.

Green Team New Jersey Realty.

Weekly training seminars, a focus on technology, and giving back to his community are just a few traits that make Geoff a tremendous success.

A very special Congratulations to all the candidates selected in each of their categories. For a closer look at RIS Media’s Class of Newsmakers, you can visit:


NuOp Reminders

  • Send a Referral: It’s really Easy
  • Make Connections with other members: Don’t be shy! Make connections with other professionals on a social media network that is exclusive to the Real Estate industry.
  • Post in Community: A perfect place to talk about Politics & Religion. Wait, No! A perfect place to share your ideas, collaborate and cooperate. Any thoughts on what’s going on in the market? Did something happen locally? … Lending rates, suggestions, trends…you get the idea. Post it. Your next great idea might just help another member of our community.
  • Update the App Often: Go to the App Store verify you have the latest version. (Currently the web version. IOS is not online. IOS users go to on Safari and still get the same experience then on the IOS app. WE are working hard to get the apple version back up ASAP.)

Referral Success Team Spotlight


We did it again. Actually, you did it again! Our Referral Success Team has continued connecting referrals in New York, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, & Connecticut to name a few. Remember that we have a community of Agent’s ready, willing, and able to handle your referrals. Get your hands on these unclaimed commission’s by opening the NuOp app, and with just a few taps of your finger, you are able to submit a referral that is legally bound. All that is left to do is collect your commission!Agent Spotlight

This month we had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline (Jacque) Kraszewski of Warwick, NY. Take a moment out of your day to introduce yourself to this wonderful Agent that loves her local community and who feels her clients are actually her friends. Jacque has achieved success with her unique ability to see a space for what it is and what it can be. Highlighting certain features that sometimes go unnoticed allows her to impress her clients and sell homes quickly at the best possible price. Keep up the great work Jacque!