NuOp Product Update #1

Time for a round up of this month! Check it out here.

A few years ago we had an idea to simplify the way agents send and receive referrals. We were tired of wasting our time calling out-of-market agents, waiting for a callback, and trying to verify agents in order to qualify them to refer our most precious asset our client. We wanted a better way.

Introducing NuOp. The better, smarter, faster real estate referral network for Agents. A network made up of a community of like-minded Real Estate Professionals enabling them to grow their referral business.

NuOp Reminders


  • Enable notifications for the NuOp app. Enabling notifications allow you to learn of any open referral in your area when the opportunity arises.
  • Update the NuOp app often. The development team is constantly creating new updates.
  • Post in Community. We want you to share your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or maybe a relevant article you came across. Our Community section is a tremendous opportunity to network and collaborate with other agents inside of such a competitive industry.
  • Send a Referral It’s supper easy.
  • Receive a Referral Be ready; check often. We have a community of agents waiting to step up and claim these.

Platform Update. What’s new on NuOp


You spoke and we listened. We enhanced the profile module allowing for a more descriptive snapshot of each individual agent.

Sending a NuOp referral is now even easier with our updated referral module with the focus of making clear to the user how to both send and redeem a referral.

Referral Success Team Spotlight

We are excited to see referrals cross our path. Our referral success team was able to connect referrals between New York, Tampa, & Arizona to name a few. Be ready the next one is coming your way!

This month it was our pleasure to introduce to you Rafael Rosario in our Agent Spotlight. Take a moment to read about our Miami friend who exudes enthusiasm and a love of his community. If you would like to be our next featured agent shoot us a message!


NuOp community post

Our community is your “safe” space. In this tremendously competitive profession, this is your opportunity to help one another and work together. In the past month, we’ve seen some really cool ideas.

For example, Laura Marie, from St. Pete Florida, shared a holiday custom note card with which she had success. Additionally, she added a link on how to create your own. Amazing job, thanks Laura!

Another NuOp community post

Another agent, Raylene Lewis, in College Station Texas shared a unique way to gain attention to a listing. To show this home, she told a story of a football game, LSU vs. Texas A & M, using photos, jokes, and hidden easter eggs. It was an incredibly creative way to gain attention to her listing resulting in excellent exposure. Thanks for sharing Raylene!

These ideas and many more are what makes our community so special. Be sure to share with us something that has been helpful to you or maybe something you’ve learned throughout your journey.