NuOp Agent Spotlight: Raylene Lewis

I think if I were to sum Raylene Lewis into one image, it would be a train… the ever-present, the ever-evolving, powerful, punctual, purposeful, locked-on-its-course mode of transportation. It’s the first impression I get of her when she promptly answers the phone for our scheduled NuOp Agent Spotlight interview. Raylene Lewis began her career over 18 years ago in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area with Century 21 Real Estate when a fluke illness sent her from a potential law career directly toward real estate where as a first year agent, she sold forty houses. Raylene “loved it so much” that she never looked back.

Curiously, I ask her “How have things changed?”

“Things have changed a lot” Raylene says with a release of breath and tone of humor in her voice reflecting a wealth of knowledge of the industry. “In order to provide the best service possible to reach the target consumer, realtors need to know and understand those changes,” she says. “As agents, we have to stay on top of it… know the good, bad, and the ugly?—?know how to reach the client, all about the neighborhood, know the product that we’re selling, the pros and cons of certain floor plans…” and she continues to list all of the considerations necessary for the single sale of a property. Raylene likes to be completely in the know when it comes to any property she’s trying to sell, a whistle-stop of an agent. With that comes the challenge of the ever burgeoning list of latest materials and finishes used in construction. Raylene wants to be able to tell her customers about all of it. Additionally challenging, too, is the impact of technology on the way that clients communicate. “People don’t call.” So, in order to stay with it and remain successful, Raylene tells me that realtors, too, must continuously be able to change tracks.

However, Raylene enjoys the challenges of real estate?—?helping that couple-that-can’t-agree to actually agree, negotiating deals, and being “willing to work,” as hard as she does because she “gets the benefit” in the end. Raylene likes to hold herself to “a higher standard.” She enjoys the productive struggle of personal growth and we, at NuOp, truly love a hard worker.

I guess one could say that real estate is in her blood as Raylene’s grandfather was also in the industry. But Raylene wanted to do it her way. So, as a young twenty-something, she moved to a brand new town with no contacts and started “old school.” She began with Century 21 Real Estate, which is a non-competing broker firm. Raylene is full of positivity when discussing her agency, “the broker looks out for its agents interests and it’s a team environment.” For example, if Raylene is having trouble with a particular listing, agents from her firm will come and “look at the house and help me to see why it’s not moving.” Raylene loves her team and the brand; she plans on staying with her agency for a long while.

It’s completely apparent to us at NuOp that Raylene is a team player. She is an avid poster in our Community section, always adding valuable and helpful information. Raylene tells me she decided to download NuOp while she was looking for a referral source. She was immediately hooked on the Community section. “NuOp is not only a place to send and receive referrals, which is fabulous, but it’s also a place to throw out ideas to other people that are professionals to get feedback. You can post things that are helpful and learn about what other professionals are doing.”

When it comes to her personal philosophy, Raylene says it’s two parts. One, she believes in always being “ready and available.” and, two, she believes in looking at “each client as a client for life.” It’s important to “look at each client as if it was yourself and to give the highest level of customer service 24/7.” You have to show clients that they are “not just another dollar,” but that you “care about them.” Raylene is the type of agent that streamlines all communication for her clients, one who goes out of her way to arrive on time and be fully prepared. Her commitment to her course is evident and enviable. Raylene says emphatically, “once you buy from me, I will always help you.” And with that level of professionalism and continued promise, Raylene is on the right track to continue to have a deeply successful career in real estate.