NuOp™ Agent Spotlight: Mette Seaton

Mette Seaton is taking calls in between appointments as she’s heading from one meeting to a listing. She’s newer to the industry, just a little over “two years,” but she has the hustle down like she’s a veteran. Mette (pronounced “metta”) graciously answers my phone call while driving in sunny Vero Beach, Florida; it’s a place that is right on the “tropical border” that offers Atlantic-facing beaches on a barrier island across the Indian River Lagoon. Vero Beach is known for its “55 and older retiree” community, one that Mette enthusiastically serves. It’s not “over-crowded like other Florida retiree towns” Mette says in a genuine tone that gives you the impression you are talking to an old friend who is being earnest with you.

Mette started in the Real Estate Industry when she realized that being a mother, for her, required a flexibility in her career that would be less “9–5 ish.” This is a thought she now laughs at almost two years in the making since Real Estate is more of a “24 hour a day” type of job — “even when you’re on vacation.” “You need to be there for your client” Mette says very matter-of-factly in a way that communicates commitment and concern rather than conquest. Mette loves problem solving and being a support for her clients. “It’s all about helping” she says and only “a little bit is showing a home.” Mette’s promising tone and attitude is one that establishes that she is the type of Agent that will be there for her client and creatively help them through whatever comes their way.

Currently, Mette works for Keller Williams Realty. She enjoys the educational programs offered through her company in addition to some of the tools they provide on how to find clients, but she has been looking for more in terms of leads and referrals. She wasn’t, however, too keen on the idea of having to pay a middleman for referrals, leads, or exposure through certain online companies and apps. So, Mette began researching when she came across NuOp and, at first, didn’t know what to think about it. “I wasn’t sure if it was a scam,” Mette states in a concerned fashion that she quickly dismisses. Soon-after she downloaded the app, she went to Active Rain to see if anyone could confirm or deny her fear. Then, Brian Torpie, our CMO, personally reached out to her to welcome Mette to the NuOp community. Brian, at first, used the wrong name, but quickly sent a follow-up message apologizing for his mis-type. It was that error and apology that assured Mette that this was, in fact, a real person and not some automated robot.

Much to her relief, NuOp is a genuine service that provides a network that enables Agent-to-Agent referrals at no fee to its users. Like so many Agents, Mette is “too busy to get leads,” but she doesn’t want to “have to pay for them” either. This is where Mette sees NuOp solving an issue within the industry. However, she nervously laughs a bit when considering NuOp having huge growth; part of her understands it means sharing referrals and leads with other Agents in an already-competitive space and the other part of her understands that the more widespread it is, the more opportunities she will get to connect with other Agents. “Cutting out the middleman” is such an important reason that Mette sees NuOp as a useful tool to help her expand her referral business and grow her professional network.

As Mette approaches her next appointment, we wind down our conversation. She leaves me with an impression of such a hard-working and impassioned Agent that truly cares for her clientele. I thank her for her time and candid answers to my questions and wish her luck at her showing, not that I think she will need it.