NuOp Agent Spotlight: Jacqueline Kraszewski

For this spotlight we talk with Jacqueline Kraszewski!

Warwick, New York is one of those beautiful, small, hometown-type places that don’t seem to exist anymore. You know, the kind that has a homecoming parade through the center of town and where you’re just one degree of separation from the person standing next to you in line at a local cafe. Historic, with gorgeous scenery, Jacqueline (Jacque) Kraszewski was drawn to Warwick along with her husband fifteen years ago. She thought it would be a great place to settle and raise a family; two children, one dog, and one career-change later, she was right. Now, she wants to give other people that same feeling?—?the feeling of knowing where and what you want to call home.

Jacque has a presence about her, reassured and friendly with enough tell-it-like-it-is attitude to know she’d be a terrible bluff. Her voice is clear and unabashed with baited attention to the speaker. As we start our conversation, I ask Jacque about what drew her to the industry. “I love working with people one on one & anything to do with helping others find their “home” and home design,” she says effervescently. For Jacque, Real Estate is not just sales, but an element of passion and creativity, as well.

Her passion for properties and more importantly, for people, come through her approach to Real Estate. She has helped many clients make critical, small improvement decisions to their homes for quick-to-close sales. “I like to help sellers stage their home. I like to help people show their property in the best light,” she says very matter-of-factly. Jacque also guides buyer clients to see the potential in properties they would have initially overlooked. She likes to “help people reinvent a space [and] imagine what the house could be.”

Jacque tells me that she has been in the industry for almost six years. Her initial attraction and love for the Warwick community is what drew her to join the neighborhood firm- Green Team Realty. Jacque enjoys working for the Green Team because of the way that it reinvests back in the local community in addition to reinvesting in its agents. It’s more of an “agent-centered office… that tries to offer as much training as possible,” which Jacque is grateful for and genuinely enjoys. Jacque is not afraid to work hard and change gears, if needed. She has a beautiful faith and work ethic that comes through the projects she undertakes. So, being a part of a team that supports its agents growing and learning is a great fit for her.

Genuinely, Jacque tells me that she type of agent that hopes her clients end up as friends. She believes that the “customer comes first” and that every person “deserves a place to call home.” She is a fantastic communicator and support to her clients. With concern and care in her voice, Jacque expresses that she always hopes to make the process as “easy and painless as possible.” As we all know, home buying and selling can be one of the most stressful moments of a client’s life; Jacque hopes to take the stress out of the process (as much a she can) for her client even when it comes to translating the market to them. For Jacque, getting clients to “understand and accept what the market is” and “having buyers be realistic of the expectation of what they should offer or what offers sellers should expect to get” can be a challenge. With tremendous tact and clarity, Jacque helps guide her clients through otherwise difficult realizations and helps “them to not take it personally.”

I really enjoy speaking with Jacque; her upbeat attitude and willing humor make the conversation go longer than normal interviews. She is authentic, refreshing, and incredibly dedicated to her profession. Early on in our discussion when I had asked Jacque why she became an agent, she had told me she truly likes “working with people” and it’s obvious to me that her heart is fully in finding her clients their perfect home.