NuOp Agent Spotlight: Dee Chambers

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Meet Dee Chambers

The deep colonial heritage of San Antonio is ingrained throughout the seemingly ever-growing city. It is within this city that the famous Alamo battle was fought?—?brave Texians, small in number, fighting for their independence against a great Mexican army. About ten minutes Northwest of this famous location sits Dee Chambers, a former paramedic-auditor-army veteran- turned Real Estate Agent. Dee is decorated and experienced, but completely unassuming as he answers the phone at Stonepoint Properties. He has a friendliness and lightness to his voice that communicates both wisdom and kindness. We begin our call and discussion seamlessly.

Dee is only a full year into the profession, but has risen in Stonepoint and is set to take over the agency when his predecessor retires. Since his start, Dee has taken the smaller firm and refined it in order to scale and grow. “We are opening a new office in Austin,” Dee tells me with jovial enthusiasm. Dee has been working on re-branding Stonepoint and creating a new website on top of other changes. He loves his job and his agency because, he says humorously “everything I didn’t like, I changed.”

The act of creating and crafting something is nothing new to Dee?—?he started early on in his life with helping his grandfather build houses. Following many other experiences and careers, Real Estate felt like the next step after several friends who were also in the industry sparked his interest. It was the “right time for me,” Dee says. “I put everything I have into it!” Over the phone, you definitely get the impression that Dee does truthfully put all he has into his career; he’s one of those people that is not afraid to roll his sleeves up and work at something.

Dee, like many agents, experiences struggle. He finds leads to be one of the most challenging aspects of the industry. “Grabbing ahold of them and closing” is a bit of an obstacle he tells me. Referrals, too, are something that can be a time-consuming and fruitless process. Like many agents that find NuOp, Dee found it online and downloaded it with the thought that Stonepoint is “always accepting referrals.” Quickly, Dee was able to see the utility of the app. “It’s brilliant,” says Dee, “like the Facebook for agents.” He seems as excited as we are for our future. He sees NuOp growing and taking off and he wants to be a part of that experience, as well.

Having a conversation with Dee is light and easy; he is incredibly present despite having so much going on. I can’t help but think of the irony that his small firm is trying to expand in San Antonio despite having larger forces out there as competition; it harkens back slightly in spirit to those early Texians fighting for something that they truly believed in. When I ask Dee about his personal philosophy he tells me that integrity is his number one. He believes in “doing the right thing when no one is looking.” The automatic response lets me know that he’s thought of this idea a lot; it lets me know that with integrity is how he truly lives. Before we get off the phone, I ask Dee what else he has going on for the day. He has several things scheduled, including interviews and calls, and lastly, he tells me that he is going home to make dinner. We both laugh at his candid response and say our goodbyes. I hang up from our phone call and can’t help but feel just a bit happier having spoken to him even though we’ve never formally met. Dee’s authenticity gives me the sense that his career as an Agent, although just beginning, is one he will flourish in and stay with for a very long time.