NuOp Agent Spotlight: Adam Saget

A new day means a new agent spotlight! This time we meet with Adam Saget, lets jump into it.

It’s 8:45 AM on the West Coast when I call Adam Saget. He promptly answers the phone and we say our hellos. “Have you started your day yet?” I ask him.

“Oh, I started my day hours ago” he tells me with a bit of a laugh. Adam’s personality is casual and friendly. He has been an agent for three and a half years when he started to notice a downward trend in his previous space of design and event planning. For years, his friends had told him that he should be working in real estate given his natural penchant for people, organization, and referrals. Adam had been sending clients to an agent-friend named Evan for a long time and when it came to sell Adam’s grandmother’s condo, Adam asked his friend Evan who he would recommend to do it. It was Evan who told Adam that he should sell his grandmother’s condo for himself. Then, he let Adam know approximately how much money he missed out on over the years in referral fees. Adam was astounded. The shock value coupled with the passing of his grandmother, a very influential figure, urged Adam to finally make the change and join the real estate industry.

Since we were speaking referrals, we naturally segued into REALLY. Adam tells me that he sees the potential of the app, but he’s aware that it is in its “infancy stage.” He sees referrals as an important component of a person’s business and having a platform on which a person can build a network through a database and gain out-of-state cooperation is a real benefit. Like others have told me, Adam sees REALLY as a Facebook for agents and brokers.

As an agent, Adam is definitely self-disciplined and is having much success in this field. He serves all types of buyers and sellers from a first time buyer to a seasoned investor. He is scheduled and regimented and believes that this is the key to his success. Adam’s history of planning is evident in his philosophies although his easy-going nature can put any client at ease.

When I ask Adam what he finds most challenging about being an agent, he exhales deeply, pauses, then answers. “The day to day grind can be difficult.” It seems the constant nature of the profession can take its toll on any person. But, Adam believes in a personal philosophy that helps combat the most weary. “Keep going like a tank,” is the attitude Adam carries toward his practice. You have to “hustle and be smart,” he says. And, true, this industry can be tough; it can be time-consuming and fruitless. But, Adam tells me it’s about “not getting discouraged. There’s always an opportunity.” But, Adam implores that you must “do,” in order to make something happen. We, at REALLY, definitely admire a strong hustle, clear work ethic, and a commitment to the daily grind. And, it’s obvious to us that Adam Saget is giving that to his everyday.
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