3 Tips to Keep Real Estate Professionals Afloat Throughout the Pandemic

Real estate was hit hard by COVID, its no surprise. We all need a helping hand, so we put a few quick tips in this blog just for you.

3 Tips to Keep Real Estate Professionals Afloat Throughout the Pandemic
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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), real estate sales declined by 9.7 percent during the month of May — largely because fewer homes have been listed amid COVID-19. However, housing transactions are expected to increase as the U.S. economy continues to reopen — and there are some things you can do in the meantime to land new clients and keep your real estate business going strong. To learn more about the different things you can do to keep your real estate business afloat during the pandemic, read on!

Update Your Website, Blog, and Social Media Pages

In the age of COVID-19, a strong online marketing campaign will be vital to your success as a real estate professional — especially as most buyers and sellers head online to avoid in-person showings and transactions. As such, your online presence is more important than ever before — and you’ll need an updated website, blog, and Facebook page in order to keep up with the competition and engage with new and existing customers.

Here are some tips to assist you in boosting your online presence during the pandemic:

  • Regularly post content to your real estate blog and social media pages.
  • Respond to all social media comments, questions, and messages in a timely manner.
  • Make your online real estate listings as thorough as possible. In addition to writing an excellent description of the property and surrounding neighborhood, be sure to include virtual tours, 3D home walkthroughs, and high-quality photos in each real estate listing.

Sign Up for a Business Referral Program

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In addition to keeping your website and social media pages updated throughout the pandemic, a referral exchange program could also be worth considering. With the NuOp exchange program, for instance, you can track referrals, promote your business, boost your presence in the community, generate new leads, and connect with other real estate professionals. Plus, there’s no charge to become a member of NuOp’s Business Referral Community — and all members of the real estate industry are free to join.

Utilize Freelance Professionals

Unless you have the skills, tools, and time you’ll need to make these changes or upgrades to your real estate business, you may need to hire one or more freelancers to help with things like building a website, writing blog posts, and sharing content to your social media pages. There are many benefits to hiring freelancers to assist you with these types of tasks, especially if you can’t afford to hire full- or- part-time employees during the pandemic.

Lots of people use Fiverr to pick up some freelancers and this can be a great source of one unforeseen talent. And because of COVID there has been a recent boom in freelancing. Don't skip over a easy option!

If you choose to work with a freelancer during the pandemic, you could:

  • Hire ROR developer professionals (Ruby on Rails) to quickly create a website for your real estate business. ROR developers can create websites in less time, making this an excellent option for you if you don’t already have a website for your real estate business.
  • Find a virtual assistant who can create and share content to your social media pages, website, and company blog. Additionally, a virtual assistant could help you to follow up with potential leads, respond to emails, and complete various administrative tasks.
  • Hire a real estate photographer and/or videographer to assist you in taking high-quality listing photos and videos for virtual tours and walkthroughs.


While COVID-19 has impacted the housing market in a number of ways, things like boosting your online presence, joining a referral program, and hiring one or more freelancers to assist you in growing your real estate business will help you to stay afloat now and in the future. Even after the pandemic ends, however, a strong online presence will be vital to your success. Therefore, it’s important to create an online marketing campaign that you’ll stick with for the long haul.