Real Estate Motivation

It can be hard to stay motivated, even more so in the current real estate market. Let's talk about it.

Real Estate Motivation
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Real estate motivation is hard. Heck, motivation in general is hard for pretty much everyone. I know when I come home from a long day at school then get through some work I have no motivation at all to write my book. But that book has to get finished somehow right? And therein lies the problem.

Hours upon hours of reaching out to clients and leads, calming the fears of new clients and climbing the massive mountain of paper work. Somedays you just do not want to deal with it. So how do you stay motivated in real estate? How do you keep that sense of excitement and wonder that brought you into the industry in the first place? Luckily the answer is not that complex, it just takes on all different shapes and sizes.

Motivation and The Why.

Why did you decide to get into real estate? Tough question, but a great way to motivate yourself. Asking the why. Everyone does it at some point no matter what they do. Why do I want to write? Why does Bob want to be a programmer? Why does Annie want to manage a team on a project? Why do you want to do real estate?

I want to create amazing narratives, Bob likes to solve logical problems, and Annie loves to lead and grow people. You may like to make a lot of money, be your own boss, and real estate looked like fun and so on. See what I mean? If you do this little exercise you may find that why buried deep in your mind.

Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? You are not micromanaged (and any good manager or boss should not be micromanaging you..) so you have unmatched freedom. Also when you are in control of your work, your income is determined by your productivity. Which alone is a great way to motivate.

TV shows and other media make real estate look like fun and show how easy it is to make tons of money. Which of course, is not completely true. Although its the most common reason people start. Once you figure out your why, you may tap into a new wave of real estate motivation. Knowing this is a powerful tool.

Is Motivation Really Necessary?

No not really. But it sure helps! The one issue everyone faces, not just real estate agents, is the need to want to keep going even if you really really absolutely do not want to. What if Steve Jobs decided he wanted to just stop. Ok ok, I know, everyone uses him as an example but its true. I’m sure he at one point had to fight the urge to just sleep in, then one of the biggest companies ever conceived would of never been born.

Huh, that might actually make a great story. If you keep your motivation up and keep going you will stand out from the rest who could not keep up.

But how do you stay motivated?

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How To Keep Real Estate Motivation.

There is no right or wrong answer on how to keep motivated. Bob may like to play video games, a form of stress relief, to keep himself motivated. Tony may need to set small goals, like closing a sale, and reach those goals to keep motivated. No matter how you go about it, the way you find motivation will be different from others. But here are some commonly used and recommended examples.

Common Tips:

  1. Stay Organized- It’s easy to be messy, throw things down and move on. To let everything pile up because you are busy. Then, before you know it you are swimming in clutter! Staying organized can be as simple as using post it notes as a pro or as hard as cleaning and reorganizing your entire office or bedroom. But there are some great benefits to staying organized. Like less stress! According to “Staying organized will actually lower your cortisol levels the body’s primary stress hormone.” Which in return can keep you motivated, you won't have to worry about stress! Or, well, as much of it.
  2. Plan and Stick To A Sleep Schedule- A lot of us abuse our sleep. Its understandable with so many things fighting for our attention, we forget one fundamental part of being a human. Sleep! Your body heals and restores as you rest, so its important that you plan a sleep and wake time and stick to it. Mental health and motivation improves if you stick to the same bedtime. Make sure you get that shut eye!
  3. Take a Step Back, Meditate- Freeing your mind from the fast pace world of today can be a breath of fresh air. Especially as a real estate agent, you have to be in a million places at once. (PS NuOp helps you greatly by saving you time and helping you know who you should spend those valuable minutes with. But we will talk about that next.) There are some great free resources out there and others that give great discounts for college students, such as Headspace.
  4. Reward Yourself- No matter how small a goal is, reward yourself intermittently for completing them. By rewarding yourself your brain lets out a set of positive emotions that can fuel further growth and motivation. Celebrate your win.
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NuOp and Real Estate Motivation

Many businesses today survive off referrals and social proof. Real estate agents, freelance writers, home service industries, and more. We have websites like Fiverr to help keep freelancers going and things like Twitter to help with social proof. In other words, “word of mouth business”. And there are so many people in the world, we get swarmed with messages and we make so many connections we lose count. This can be quite stressful and slow you down mentally. It can hurt your motivation. But what Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook don’t do well is track your connections. Track your referrals and possible business opportunities. These platforms do not help you identify who you should be spending your time with. This is important in B to B business and even B to C. You want to know where you can make the most impact and you want to handle your leads well. This is exactly what NuOp helps with. You are able to send out referrals to those who fit the bill and matter most and you can track your connections. With these powerful tools you are able to stay pinpoint focused where it matters. And with this huge worry taken off your chest you can take a deep breath and watch that motivation come back. You can focus on what matters most. You.


Keeping real estate motivation can be hard. Keeping any type of groove going is hard to do, even more so in a post-pandemic world. There are so many stressors out there closing in on us at all sides, but what we have to realize is all we have to do is take a deep breath. Then find a way to fight back against these stressors. If you find what works for you and find a strategy to keep motivated. You are well on the path to more success, and who doesn’t want that?