NuOp Product Update #7

The Timeline

You asked for it, so we created it! With the timeline you are now able to stay connected and be up to date with all of your opportunities. Once you award or get rewarded an opportunity you will be able to message your referral partner back and forth. The reason you can only message each other once it is awarded is because we do not want you to get solicited by other candidates about your opportunity. It would just not be right if we allowed that on NuOp because we like to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We also made this feature very user friendly so that all you have to do is click on your awarded opportunity and it will open right up to the timeline (see image below).

New Features for Opportunities

Referral Counts –  On your profile you will see sent and received referrals. The only referrals that will tally are the ones that have been awarded. We did this because you deserve credibility for all the opportunities that you send and receive.

Auto-Connect – When a member claims an Open Opportunity the sending and receiving party will automatically be connected.

Direct and First come, First served Opportunities – These opportunities will expire after 14 days after submission if they are not awarded to a candidate. This prevents NuOp getting backed up with old and unclaimed opportunities because we want you to see the best opportunities first!

There are no limits on NuOp. So please try out the new features and feel free to contact us because we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


New Features

  • Referral Counts only Tally Awarded Opportunities
  • Auto-connect Members upon claiming Opportunities
  • Addition of the timeline for messaging
  • Direct and FCFS Opportunities expire in 14 days after submission

Bug Fixes

  • IOS Redeem referral field missing. That has been fixed.
  • IOS shuts down when changing company info.That has been fixed
  • Profile images distorted. That has been fixed.
  • Sent referrals not showing up in list view. That has been fixed
  • Open Opportunities  Missing City. That has been fixed


  • “Forgot Your Password” was missing. That has been added.
  • Improved display of Get Connected Card.
  • Referral Status Filter button updates.
  • Updated Invite & Earn Pages.
  • Update Really link to NuOp link.
  • IOS Clickwrap update on IOS