NuOp - Gratitude and Endorsements Update

NuOp - Gratitude and Endorsements Update

You may have gotten a few emails that have informed you about receiving some gratitude or even being endorsed. This quick update will help you understand what this is all about.

Gratitude and Endorsements On NuOp

Gratitude and Endorsement profile view

But what are gratitude and endorsements? And why should you care? Sure you may get lots of gratitude and endorsements throughout your lifetime and career, but how often do you get to show it off? Or even use it to your benefit. The same problems that affected professionals  in the exchange of opportunities also lurk in the act of giving endorsements and expressing gratitude. Once you get an endorsement or someone expresses gratitude, it's abstract. Not solid, or tangible. Sure you can put it on your social media in a few words, but there is no validity. But on NuOp there is. You can see exactly who left you gratitude or an endorsement and what they had to say about you.

There are a lot of reasons that gratitude and endorsements are important and so impactful. We speak about this in great length in our other blog on the same topics, make sure to give that one a read as well. But here are some of the most important ones:

  • Boosts your credibility: By endorsing someone's business, you are essentially vouching for them and their capabilities. This can help boost their credibility and reputation in the industry.
  • Strengthens relationships: Endorsing someone's business can strengthen your relationship with them. It shows that you support them and are invested in their success.
  • Better productivity: When people feel appreciated and that others are grateful for them, they tend to be more engaged and laser-focused in their work.
  • Encourages innovation: When people feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to take risks and share their ideas. This can lead to more innovation and creativity inside your teams. Or, in some cases, your company.  

PS: Every gratitude/endorsement you give and get will appear on your profile as well as the other Member's. Allowing people to see your history of recognition and you never have to worry about it being lost.  

Check Your Stats In A Glance

engagement card with user stats

With the new profile revamp we just rolled out, there is a whole host of new information being held on your profile. Sometimes you may just need quick info and don't want to look and scroll. Enter the engagement card. Here, some important info is placed for a quick glance when you need it. And now with gratitude and endorsements out for you to play with, the Engagement card has been updated to host this information.

How Can I Get Started?

Want to get started right away? Great! The good news is that we made the process of giving and reviving gratitude and endorsements as easy as two-button clicks. Check out this short video to see exactly how.

As you can see you can start spreading kindness to your network with ease. Also if you want a step-by-step guide on how to get started, make sure to check out this knowledge base article.


With the ability to send and receive gratitude and endorsements on NuOp, there are more ways for you to strengthen your professional profile. And when you strengthen your profile you are more likely to get in on more Ops. And more Ops means, well, more money. But other than that, one critical aspect of being in real estate and most other professions is the act of showing your appreciation to people who deserve it.  

If you need guidance on these new features, check out our help desk.