NuOp Product Update #12

NuOp Product Update #12

Hey there NuOp community. It's been a while since we posted a product update but this does not mean we were sitting around sipping fancy drinks.  Although that can be lots of  fun, quite the opposite is true.  The team has been working very hard to ship a number of new features and performance enhancements that will make your experience on NuOp a lot better.  This article is going to hit the highlights.

Geoffrey Green, co-founder and CEO of NuOp, is hosting live weekly training sessions. Click here to get the zoom meeting links so that you can attend.

My Ops Analytics

the NuOp Analytics module

One of the more significant additions to the NuOp platform is the Analytics tab that is located inside your 'My Ops' module.  As you use NuOp day to day you are tracking valuable "opportunity" data which helps you grow your business. Insights into this opportunity data is now viewable for pro members in the analytics tab of the my ops module.

You can filter charts by date and type of opportunity so that you can better understand your personal performance.  Also, you will be able to see how other members that you have exchanged ops with compare to one another.  This helps you understand who where your business is going to and coming from.  

General Post

With general posts now live, there are more chances for you to interact with the NuOp community.  Let's say you are on the hunt for a financial planner to help you manage all of the money you have made by way of the referrals you have received from other NuOp members ;).  But your not quite ready to pull the trigger.  Use the general post to ask the NuOp community who they would recommend.  Then you can take your time and decide who is best for you.  

Of course when you select the financial planner, whether it's a recommendation from another NuOp member or not, you will remember to track the job on NuOp correct?  Don't forget, track everything!

Pro tip:  You can also use the general post to "activate" your local marketplace here on NuOp.   Let's say you operate in the Tampa FL market territory and you don't see many members of NuOp who are accountants in the Tampa FL area.  You could create a general post asking the NuOp members in the Tampa area to recommend an accountant that they like working with so they can join NuOp and exchange referrals.  When people are recommended to your post they are automatically invited to join.  But you can take it one step further and invite those recommendations yourself as well. The more people who invite someone the more likely they are to join.


As the title suggest, intros are just introductions between the creator (1st party) and two other people (2nd and 3rd party). As a business pro you likely understand how valuable intros can be. They can lead to relationships that are mutually beneficial and also lead to a lot of growth for everyone involved. Not only that, the people you introduce to one another will remember who set it up since NuOp tracks it and reminds them who got them in contact in the first place.

Think of an intro as a "lite" version of a referral.  You would use the intro if you not really sure if it will lead to business.  You just feel the need to connect two people so they can figure out if there is business to be done.  Ultimately an intro could turn into a referral.  So you can track the referral down the road if business arises from the intro.

Updated Registration Flow

The NuOp registration process got a lot of love over the last few months. Notably the ability to set up basic profile information right from account creation. It is easy to forget to set up this information afterwards, but a fully created and filled out profile stands a better chance of receiving more opportunities on NuOp.

Also having a finished profile helps your SEO by growing your online presence with an eye catching account.  Step 1 on our newly updated quick start guide has a 3 minute video with some great tips on how to get the most out of your profile.  Definitely check it out when you have a minute.

Other Additions

Other than these larger innovations to NuOp, there have been smaller improvements as well.

  • Simple one click status filters in  'My Ops' list view.
  • The ability to recommend non-members to Open Posts has been added.
  • Op Creators can now assign Open Ops to unconfirmed Members, people who have not joined NuOp yet.
  • Upvotes on Open Ops.
  • Open Op timeline updates.
  • Updates on all op creation flows
  • And more

Bug Fixes

  • Omni-search (search bars) functionality has been vastly improved.  
  • Fixed green notification not vanishing after opening chat.
  • Fixed various client bugs
  • Fixed various contact bugs
  • Various other bug fixes and quality of life improvements.