NuOp Member Spotlight- Michael Owens

Mike Owens is a relator with Exit Scott Realty in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Mike is a multi-million dollar producer who has closed transactions from Palm Beach County down to Monroe.

Being raised in Bergen County, New Jersey Mike grew up in a hardworking blue-collar neighborhood. At an early age, he learned his work ethic simply by watching his hard-working mother juggle motherhood, a career, and going to school; sacrificing everything so she could provide him with the best chance possible to succeed.

Before entering the real estate business, what did you do?

Mike went to college for Sociology. While paying off his debt, he was a CDL truck driver in Manhattan, which helped him develop his work ethic.

Mike started his career as a mortgage consultant which gave him much insight into the logistics of affording a home. Soon after, he began shifting towards working in residential property management. After years of doing the two, he thought to himself, why not sell the most expensive investment one could acquire; real estate. With his diverse background,  he was able to help simplify the experience and provide confidence to his clients.

Mike’s experience in both the mortgage industry and property management allows him to be a multi-faceted agent attacking the real estate world from a multitude of angles.  Over the years Mike has systematically built his client base, diversified his sales portfolio, and laid down the groundwork for an alternative revenue stream with his small property management business.

What made you go into real estate?

Mike was working many hours as both a property manager and real estate agent. He wanted to grow his real estate profession but was caught between the two worlds.

Mike and his wife struggled to have children of their own; after many attempts, they began to feel the defeat. Once discovering she suffered endometriosis, they went through the process of deciding invitro fertilization or adoption. When finally deciding to try again for a child of their own, they began to interview doctors. The cost was astronomical and not something they could truly afford.

They visited the Dominican Republic to see his wife’s family where they met with a fertility doctor. The cost was half of what it would be in the United States so they began the planning for the procedure while gathering finances

Two days before their trip to the Dominican Republic, Mike’s wife became very ill; she was exhausted and vomiting throughout the day.  To be certain she was safe for travel, they visited their doctor. A blood test revealed that they were pregnant with their little girl. This was nothing shy of a miracle given all of the hardships they had been through the past few years.
At that moment, Mike began his career as a full-time real estate agent to give him the ability to be both a present father and a professional, in a career, with a flexible schedule. Their daughter is now three years old and the light of their life.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

“Don’t be fearful of failure.”

At a younger age, Mike had a lot of anxiety in his performance; growing up in NJ he was surrounded by a basketball culture. He and his friends worked very hard to craft their skills in the game. During that time, he allowed others to dictate the type of person and player he was. As an adult, he learned to “block out the noise” and to take the fear out of the equation; to just live, just do, just react. After that, he began to become more comfortable with his decisions and goals in life. “Everyone gets caught in the minutia, and just forgets to surrender.” Sometimes you need to surrender to what life hands you, no longer having fear of the unknown and no longer feeding the negative thoughts.

As a NuOp member, what benefits do you foresee in the future for you utilizing the platform?

Ideally,  Mike would like to grow  2-7 deals annually, in addition to what he does now. Mike will be using the platform to help boost his marketing by connecting with other professionals.

Mike sees how this business is changing and has a need to be on the forefront, utilizing  NuOp as a platform, so he can increase his income and invest more in his business.

Mike also enjoys the interactions with professionals. He can see the tangible benefits in being able to work with them while diversifying his network.

“Relationships are predicated on trust and I carry that idea over, as that is the staple of my business with Exit Ryan Scott Realty. I am extremely excited to set forth a new page in my real estate career with the prestige that Exit Realty possesses. Coming from a real estate-based background having worked in both the mortgage and property management industries the transition into real estate has been seamless. My previous careers have helped provide a clearer understanding of the inner workings of the business……..

As far as my client base I love getting my hands dirty and doing the work assisting clients looking to purchase, sell, rent (long-term or short terms), or investors looking to capitalize in the market. With a growing family, my business has never looked better, but the ability to expand my reach and client base without compromising the ability to provide the utmost in customer service is paramount to my success.”

To connect with Mike, visit him on NuOp