Member Spotlight- Kevin Many

Kevin Many- Inside Sales Professional- Warwick, NY

I have to be honest – I didn’t head into my talk with Kevin expecting a book recommendation, but by the end, I was hitting “add to cart” on Amazon. That book that he recommended –  “Fanatical Prospecting” by Jeb Blount.  It is not a term I had ever heard, but Kevin could not stop explaining the importance of calls, your funnel, and pipeline. Kevin has dubbed himself the Inside Sales Rainmaker at NuOp and Green Team Referral Realty. You can tell from his excitement that he sincerely loves what he does.

Kevin started off running excavators and quickly worked his way into Field Operations and Engineering for communications companies. When you listen to Kevin explain how the team of 150+ people he managed ran fiber lines through tunnels and oceans, you suddenly feel like you probably should have stayed in college a bit longer. But Kevin is quick to point out life is all about learning new things and constantly evolving.

He found himself a few times in the middle of company restructures, but that never stopped him from moving on. He started a marketing business in the middle of a recession with his wife Krissy, which worked its way up to #3 in the country. As with many, COVID hit and Kevin found himself in yet another company restructure. Before he knew it, a discussion with NuOp founder, Geoffrey Green, ended in an Inside Sales Job. A brand new position in a newer platform, Kevin was given the chance to use his knowledge and drive to create a pipeline from scratch. Starting with finding and nurturing leads for agents at Green Team Realty, which then expanded into utilizing the NuOp platform to move leads through its nationwide network. Off the top of his head, Kevin was able to tell me he had referred out 332 vetted leads in the last 6 months through NuOp, with his latest connection in Maui. “That is why NuOp is great. It is an easy-to-use platform and the reach is nationwide.” When I asked him what he finds challenging about Inside Sales he said, “the only challenge is keeping up with all the leads! It’s a good place to be!”

Kevin takes his pipeline seriously and strives to continually nurture and check in on each and every lead he has through different avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, texting, emails, and the good-ol-fashioned phone call. He loves to build solid relationships and connections with people and is currently on a country-wide hunt for agents to refer leads utilizing the NuOp app.

Unstoppable is one of the best ways to describe Kevin. He is doing what he loves and what he is passionate about and you can tell that through conversation with him. There is a zest and tenacity in every statement. In everything he is a part of…work, family, football – Kevin is out to have fun and build relationships with great people. He is a visionary with solid goals and consistently working towards the next great thing.

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