Top 5 Reasons You Should Do SEO In 2023

SEO is growing each and everyday. Here are 5 reasons you should adopt a search engine optimization strategy to get ready for growth in 2023.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Do SEO In 2023
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Heard about SEO? Wondering what all this chat about topics and keywords are? Well you are not alone, SEO is not a new topic but it rather new in the limelight. Before businesses could more or less ignore this powerful road to growth, but now if you want to be seen it is necessary.

Wait! Before you panic about this new beast you have to learn, take a breath and read our SEO introduction blog, "What Exactly Is SEO?" There you can get your feet wet with a lot of the concepts and even get some SEO plans you can act on right away. Then after that check out our "Top 10 SEO Tools For Your Business In 2023" blog as you start to plan your SEO strategy. But if you want to jump right into why you should care, your in the right place.

Lets talk about why you should dive into SEO in 2023.  

1) Google Is Making SEO More and More Important

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Ethan Smith from Graphite says in one of his interviews that SEO use to be thousands of pages for every keyword you can think of. That is becoming less and less the case, now longer form content and pages on topics that help users solve their problem is more important. And above all ranks better. What this means for the everyday business and SEO expert is that more thought has to be put into all the content that they make. Alongside this site backlinking has gotten more time in the lime light.

Backlinking is the act of external sites linking to you as a source of information. And for a time this to was easy to push out on a mass quantiy. There where and are still sites that have walls of fake text filled to the brim with toxic backlinks. When the all-mighty Google crawler goes through and finds these linking to you the SEO score of your site goes down. Thankfully you can clean this up by disavowing them and the tools on our list help you do that.

Moral of the story here is that SEO is getting more important and complex with each passing Google update. And the trajectory is just going to keep going up in 2023.

2) SEO Is One Of The Best Avenues For Growth

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As you can tell if something is becoming more complex and integrated into how things are ranked. It's likely a really strong option for growth. We will be so bold to say that if you don't use SEO you will never past go and collect your $200. If you are able to rank number 1 for a keyword (or a topic which is a set of keywords) that is like having a massive billboard for free in front of millions of people. Everyone has to see it and people love instant solutions so they are likely to click on the first link.

Think about it, how many times did you quickly look something up and head into the first site that is linked. Likely more then a few times! The top pages in search have a average click through rate of 32%.

In 2023 SEO will continue to be one of the best ways to grow your business. And small companies can get access to exposer that was only dreamt of at the start up stage years back.  

3) Things Are Becoming More Specialized

As SEO changes how sites are ranked and how people find their info, this also makes a lot of new – and specialized – jobs. While just having content writers was fine, and still is a great way to get your content out. They can not work alone any longer. SEO freelancers and experts have taken the field and help guide content creators and bloggers to do what they do best, be creative and write.

While it is possible to have the writer fill in both shoes, it can put a lot of weight on their shoulders. Content writing is already a large boot to fill and SEO development and research can dwarf that of blogging. The last thing you want is a overwhelmed writer!  

As 2023 progresses the role of SEO specialists will keep growing. And companies like Graphite and Neil will keep making waves in the field.

4) People Are Done Ads Not Genuine Content

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It was bound to happen eventually, people are tired of ads. They are everywhere under everything. Sometimes you can't use a site because it is covered in timed ads that make you watch and interact with it. According to Forbes, "the majority of people, 51% of respondents, said they were bothered by ads that were not relevant to them." And let's be honest, how relevant are the ads you get most of the time? While tracking and data collection leading to more relevant ads are getting better, this leads to a whole host of security concerns.

The bottom line is, people are sick of ads.

But people are not sick of real and engaging content. Before moving on content is different then ads. An Ad's entire purpose is to sell whereas content is there to engage, grow interest, solve a problem, start a conversation and so on.

Can you talk to a billboard? Maybe in a few years, but not now.

Either way spending time making good blog, video, podcast, or social media content will always be a win. And going into the new year and as this platforms grow and what constitutes content over ads, this will be more and more critical. We talk about the shift to this content focused trend more in our "Customer Trends in 2022" blog if you want to learn more.  

5) You Can Track SEO

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One of the best things about SEO is that its trackable, more specifically its quantifiable. You can track everything. Your progress, how much you grew from your efforts and much more. While you can guess and make predictions on other business strategies out there, SEO is a solid and trackable option.

Being able to A/B test effectively is a great ability to have. And being able to course correct if something is not working makes things low risk. So if you are worried about getting into SEO know that you can keep track of your process.

While it may not be as easy to keep track of as paid ads, you can keep track of everything from the many tools at your disposal.  And in a few years, who knows. Maybe we will crack the Google code and know exactly how they crawl their search engine.


SEO will keep growing and keep showing new benefits to businesses that decide to put their foot down and learn how to grow with it. Tools keep coming out all the time that make it easier and easier and as more people start to see the benefits, the more cramped to pool becomes. If you want in the SEO game early, now's the time.

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