NuOp Product Update #6

New Year, New Features, and New Look

Our Team wanted to start the year off heading in the right direction so we squashed some bugs and pushed two new important features your way. The first new feature is the “opportunity detail overview” and the second is the “opportunity list view.” We created these new features to make it easier for you to navigate and understand your opportunities. So let’s dive right in!

Opportunity Detail – Overview

The new look of the detail overview was created so that you can swiftly process every opportunity. (See screenshot below) There is a lot of information that you need to review before assigning and sending an opportunity which is why we broke the page down into four main cards.

  • General Information – contains the status and the description of the opportunity.
  • Candidates/Sending Party –  From the sending party view, you can see who are your candidates, potential candidates, and who you assigned your opportunity to. On the receiving party side, you will see who sent you the opportunity.
  • Terms – This shows the referral fee requirements if any exist.  Below the stated fee is a link to view the full terms of the referral fee the sending party requires for their referral.
  • Client and Timing Information – The client’s information will not be shown until both parties accept the opportunity.  As always, including your client’s contact information is optional when you submit your opportunity. Timing info lets the receiving party know when the last time the client was contacted and when the client expects to complete his/her transaction.

Opportunity List View

Our main objective for this view was organization. With this list view, you now have the tools to organize your opportunities any way you choose. On the list view is a search bar that allows you to quickly search your opportunities by location or member name. You should also note that there are two quick filter buttons so that you can easily see all of your opportunities at the two most “urgent” stages: awarded & pending. Finally, two drop-down menus now exist so that you have the option to sort your opportunities by creation date and to also filter by any status type. In summary, the list view allows you to organize your opportunities quickly and effectively so that you can quickly recall what you need.

Ps. When you are in the new and improved opportunity module you will see “KPI” and “Clients” tabs listed as “coming soon”. (KPI = Key Performance Indicators) It’s too early to give away what we intend to do there, but rest assured it’s exciting. Just know that when we release it you will hear about it.

Bug Fixes

  • City, State of an open opportunity was not showing. That has been corrected.
  • Preview screen was not rendering properly. That has been corrected.
  • Sent and received opportunities were not calculating properly. That has been corrected.


  • Finalized rebrand from “Really” to “NuOp”.  Do you like the new name and logo?  We love it!

New Features

  • Opportunity detail – the overview has been modified to give members a cleaner view of their opportunity details.
  • Opportunity list view – the new list view gives members the ability to sort and filter their opportunities  in a more effective manner.  Members can now sort by creation date and filter by status.