Importance Of Referrals. How You Can Use Them To Grow.

Referrals can be a great source of growth. In this blog, we will talk about how, and why, you should use them to grow.

Importance Of Referrals. How You Can Use Them To Grow.
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Referrals can be the lifeblood of every single business professional. And in most cases, people do not use them or seek them out! Though the reasons for this can be different for various people. Sometimes we don’t want to network and it really freaks us out. I understand that sentiment whole heartily, but the loss of opportunity is huge if we don’t take a step back, breathe and get out there. The next jump in you’re career could be right across the street or at a networking event and you would never know!

In this blog we will go over what Referral’s are, the importance of referrals, and how things like NuOp can help you find referrals and even manage them with ease. As well as how they can help your personal growth.

Lets jump in to what Referral’s are shall we?

What Are Referrals?

Simply put the definition of a referral directly from Merriam-Webster dictionary is, “the act, action, or an instant of referring”. So when your friend comes up to you and says, very annoyed, that his hot water is broken. And you know someone, lets call them Rob, who is certified in fixing issues like that. Matter of fact Rob just fixed your hot water. So you tell your friend about Rob and give him contact info. There, you just referred someone! Your friend gets the help he needs and Rob gets more business.

Referrals are beneficial business transactions where both parties get something from said transaction. And this is not limited to specific fields it can be for anything. Though, to some professions the importance of referrals shines brighter. This is just on a friend to friend basis but lets take a look quickly at what referrals are for bigger companies.

For larger teams and businesses, referrals act in the same way but it also helps tremendously in marketing. When people are referring your business to others, you are spreading through word of mouth. Which is a very valuable form of marketing.

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The Importance Of Referrals

Now that we went over what referrals are now we can talk about why they are important. For starters, it’s a great way for people to meet others and gain something out of the relationship. Think back to Rob and his heating business who just got a new customer. Personal growth is important today and referrals are one way to reach that growth. Another value of referrals is that most of the time people being referred are likely higher quality customers or simply more informed. So they know what they want meaning they are more likely to convert. Think about it, if someone is referring you to a coffee shop they know you love coffee. Or why would they say anything? The same goes for other, more expensive products. Like cars or expensive software like Adobe.

NuOp and Referrals

If you ever struggled with referrals and wondered why there were no ways to help with them. Then NuOp is your solution. NuOp was built to help manage leads and referrals in such a way that you no longer have to worry about them yourself. Sure handling one or two is easy. Anyone can do it. But how can you handle ten or twenty? Depending on the size of your business and reach this is a likely possibility.

On top of this, how do you hand out these referrals (leads)? You can deal with a handful, no doubt. but again what happens when you get more than you can handle? And what happens if you give too many to one person on your team? This starts to create social drama and roadblocks. Worst yet, what if the people you are giving the leads to are not the best for that referral? That can reflect on you and harm your team or business as well as your personal growth.

NuOp helps you hand out these referrals in three different distribution methods. I talk about them more here. But for clarity, these methods are open, direct, and first-come-first-serve referrals (FCFS). And they all touch on different types of referrals and help you give them out to who is most suited for that lead.

NuOp also makes it so you do not lose your connection to the person you send a referral to. On every post in the live feed, there is a communication feature between the creator and the person who accepted it. No more worrying about valuable leads getting lost to the void, never to be seen again.

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Hopefully, now you can see the importance of referrals and their effect on your personal growth. As well as the growth of your team and business. Referrals are the lifeblood of many different professions and professionals. From the small cafe owner to a successful company, it all matters. And when referrals start to grow and pile up, NuOp is there to make it easy. As well as make you stand out among others. You will be able to leverage all your referrals with great optimization! All you have to do is sign up and register for a free Essential membership.

Finally, if you liked this blog, make sure to check out our growing list of topics here! And as always, thanks for reading.