I Didn’t Know My Realtor Could Help Me Move Across the Country

Moving is scary for do you know that your agent can help you? Worries about being stuck in a new area with no agent? NuOp can connect you with one!

I Didn’t Know My Realtor Could Help Me Move Across the Country
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‘Moving’ – a term that can cause many to cringe. Add ‘across the country” and there is no longer a cringe, it can be full-blown panic even for the most experienced of movers. Selling your home, buying a new one, and moving across town can have its own level of challenges, but moving 1,000+ miles has a whole new set of obstacles.

The Struggle Of Moving

But where to even begin? Many of us hit the internet in the search for a new home. We determine where we want to move, what the budget is, how many bedrooms we need, maybe a fenced-in yard, and we filter all of that into search engines such as Zillow and Realtor.com. Before we know it, there is a slew of options. You spend hours sitting on the couch swiping away like it’s Tinder-for-real estate and then it happens…the perfect one. It checks all the boxes. It even has a pool – ‘did I even want a pool? I do now!’

Many people’s first instinct is to fill in their contact information to be contacted by an agent or contact the listing agent directly. While they will get you to an agent who can assist you in setting up a showing of your dream home, they may not be the best agent suited for you. So now what?

Your local Realtor® may be the key!

Realtors® work hard to create strong relationships with top agents all over the nation to ensure they have not only a local team of people to refer to clients but also a group of agents in other areas for clients such as yourself looking to make a big move.

Why do agents take the time to do this?

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1 – Agents are in the business of relocation. Both local and thousands of miles away, they want to ensure that their clients have a solid support team wherever they are headed.

2 – Referrals. Agents can receive a commission at closing from your agent when they refer them.

3 – Relationships. Agents care about the relationships they build. Buying and selling can be an emotional roller coaster. Agents understand that if they can help you through this time and work for you, you are more likely to use them again or refer them out to your friends, family, and colleagues.

How do agents find Realtors® to assist nationwide?

Thanks to the internet, we all have a way to communicate easily with people that are thousands of miles away. Realtors have the ability to make relationships through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn and through apps such as NuOp where agents can easily look up agents in your prospective area looking to assist new clients. They are able to contact them, vet them and give them ALL of the information they will need to assist you in your relocation. NuOp also has the ability to find referrals for relocation experts, local attorneys, dentists, landscapers…you name it!

Although the emotions of a nationwide move can vary from exciting to daunting, one of the best assets you can utilize to start the hunt is your local agent. They will be able to ensure your current home sells and you are set up with the best person to assist you in your new hometown.


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