How To Hook More Real Estate Referrals

A guide on how to hook more referrals. It can be hard, so let's talk about ways to make it simpler.

How To Hook More Real Estate Referrals
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Finding referrals can be hard, you are swimming in a seemingly endless sea of different possibilities on how to get more. You can be traditional and go by word of mouth and grow your relationships naturally and rake in referrals. Or maybe you are a bit more tech-savvy and leverage social media and other software. Both of these options and more are valid and highly rewarding if done correctly. Today we will shed some light on other ways you can take it, in order to get more referrals and hopefully focus your search in order for you to define your path to success.

Relationships – Friends, Coworkers, Neighbors

Relationships are powerful, not just for general day-to-day stuff like needing a ride or asking your friend to spot you a 20$ but for our professional lives as well. This is one of the most important avenues for you in real estate, according to sources like Zillow consumer housing trends report that 27% of buyers and 28% of sellers that use an actual agent, find them through their family, friends, coworkers, and guess what else? Relationships!

That’s why it’s so important to grow your contacts. Though it’s more then just growing your list of friends, you have to nurture these relationships as well. Remember these are people too, not just numbers. According to around 80% of agents do not follow up with their clients after selling. Don’t burn your bridges! They can give you referrals in the future. So do simple things like calling them and saying happy birthday the day before, right before the masses dump their inbox with messages.

They will realize you were first.

And make sure to give back to the client if they got you referrals in the end. What will increase your chances of getting more from them in the future. Your past clients are more valuable than you may think.

Community Knowledge – Understanding your area

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Something that we find to be another large pillar to success and referrals is knowing and understanding your area. Think about it. Would you want to work with someone that has no idea about the community? People may not consider this a lot. But understanding your area and community involvement is huge for your appearance. You could be recommended purely on this basis! Maybe do a free local workshop or something of the like, your time with the community would be rewarded greatly. People love someone they can trust.

Marketing – Unlimited Power And Growth

Social Media - Facebook (Now called Meta), Twitter, Instagram, and so on are vastly powerful tools. With ease, you can be in contact with hundreds of people, and in seconds your posts can be spread around like candy. Word of mouth is powerful and with social media, it is amplified tenfold. Other than the trolls under the bridge with their, LOLs and ROFLs, an unavoidable byproduct, just shrug ’em off!

According to, 15% of sellers find their agents through online resources, a rather high percentage for just this alone!

Printed Prices

What's printed prices? Good question! Here is an example: Say you’re selling a house in random town Ohio USA and you send emails and such to people that are around the location. When the house sells you then send a corresponding “just sold” email. This shows those 50 people that you have the skills to sell, and statistically, two or three people will list in that area, and they will have your information.

Alongside these printed media and strategies don’t forget about swag. You know, t-shirts, coffee mugs, reusable bags, pens, notebooks, and so on. Give them out for free when you can and if you can. Then watch as these people become walking billboards for you or your brand.


So there you have it! Just a few different ways you can try and use your time and skills in order to find some referrals. And I recommend you use NuOp on top of all this to keep everything tracked and organized. As well as finding more referrals in general.

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