NuOp Product Update #8

Product Update 2/17/21

Guess what? We have another product update for you! We have been working around the clock to keep rolling out new features and getting rid of any bugs along the way. Some of you may think these are minor features but we are working on some huge features in our pipeline. There is a lot to come, so we are very excited for your opportunities to continue to grow this year.

Registration Flow

After much debate, we decided to make the company field optional in the registration process. Essentially we made this decision because if you have a valuable opportunity for someone then it should not matter what company you own or work for. What we did make mandatory is providing your primary location because this information ensures that you will be notified about any relevant opportunities in your area. Also if you need to change your primary location then that can be done in your profile by hitting the pencil in the top right corner.

Profile Update

For the profile, we added an “About” and “Headline” section. The headline section is plain text so that you can make it anything that you would like.  We would suggest something short, sweet, and to the point, since it will be one of the first pieces of information that another member would see. If you own more than one business or are in a couple of different industries then this would be a great place to show that. Do you want to go more in-depth about yourself and what you do? Then scroll down to the About section and go into as much detail as you would like. Another feature that we added to your profile is a live visitor indicator so you can see that someone is viewing your profile. You will not be able to see who it is, just that someone is viewing your profile in real-time.

When you send a referral with the client info and then award it to a candidate you both will be able to download the referral agreement. If you do not enter the client info into the referral then the system will not create the legally binding agreement. Just remember NuOp will not share the client info until both parties have accepted the agreement. This truly is an amazing feature that you should utilize. Here at NuOp we try to accommodate all of your needs with the referral process.