The One Question That Increases Commissions

If you knew the one question that could increase your referrals and commissions, you would use it a lot right? Find out what that question is in this blog and a issue that comes along with it.

The One Question That Increases Commissions
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Is there one question that could increase commissions like crazy? Think about it for a moment.

Figure it out?

If not no big deal you defiantly are not alone. But the question is this, "Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving?" This one single question can lead to more referral fees (<– check out the linked blog for a deep dive) and relationships (<– pssst check this out to) then anything.

Let's talk about it.

The Question and Conversation

This simple question, “Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving?” immediately places you in a space to gain a future commission. It puts you in the position to increase commissions, overall. Many clients will not have another agent lined up and here is your opportunity to help them and yourself – it’s a win-win situation set-up. We love those.

If your client does not have an agent where they are moving to, you should be sure to offer to set them up with one. Additionally, should the client want options, you can offer to set them up with more than one prospective agent that they can then interview.

During that same kitchen table conversation, remember to always tell your clients that at no additional cost to them, they can use you for advice where ever they go and that by relocating to a different town, they still have their relationship with you as their agent. Let them know that you are happy to search some comps on a potential property or just be a third eye on something they are considering as a professional courtesy of the relationship.

Shared Commission - The Payoff

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And what do you get for your hard work? For setting your client up with a agent in their new environment you can expect to get a shared commission for the business that was done.

What's a shared commission? Well its just another fancy word for referral fee! And at NuOp referral fees is our bread and butter as we all know how painful these can be. And even worse, when they go wrong. Matter of fact the struggles of real estate referral fees is why so many agents actively try to distance themselves from them. We talk about this more in our blog about 'The Problem With Referral Fees" so make sure to check that out if you want to learn more.

But at the end of the day for helping your client set up in a new area and finding a agent. You gain some of the benefits of that action, it is worth doing!

NuOp, Making Referring Easy  

For a long time there has been no tool to make this process easy. And maybe people where in fact left stranded in a new town, city, or neighborhood, trying to find help without any guidance. Not only is that wasted time, its thousands in wasteds referrals. We all hold great amount of vaule in the connects we have and when we refer those connections we are never paid for or thanked for it.

If you could see the amount of money you wasted on one sided referring you would never want to give out business again. That's where NuOp comes in.

With NuOp you can send referrals in seconds and get notified instantly when new ones get posted to the live feed. And with the new tools coming out constantly like 'My Network' you now can quantify your referral data.  


Asking the question "Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving?" should be simple and stress free. You should feel empowered to help clients move to a new area and it should not be taxing. And you should get paid for it.

With NuOp everything is as simple as a few clicks, if you want in on the action and a growing list of high quality referrals. Make sure you sign up for free today and be the Pro you are capable of becoming.  

Do you have a real estate agent where you are moving?

“We don’t”

“Well, I can help you with that…”

A referral commission starts here. What if you always asked that question? Surely, if all real estate agents asked that question, there would be no more money absentmindedly left on the proverbial [kitchen] table.