5 Actionable Tips To Super-Charge Referral Marketing For Your Business

Today we are going to look at the top 5 tips on how to super charge your referral business and reach success.

5 Actionable Tips To Super-Charge Referral Marketing For Your Business
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Good Job!

If you are here reading this post, then we can safely assume that you are looking to boost your referral marketing efforts.

Congratulations – That’s a great decision!

Considering that referrals are four times more likely to buy from you than a traditional lead, leveraging this word-of-mouth marketing is the best decision that you can take for your business.

Let’s jump right into the 5 Easiest and Most Actionable things you can do to Super-Charge Your Referral Marketing Efforts.

1. Create a Friendly Post-Purchase Relation with your Existing Clients

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Your existing client base is the Stepping Stone to build an expansive referral database.
So the first step is to ensure that you create a solid Post Purchase Relationship with your clientele.

Here are a few action steps to do so:

  • Start with a Thanks – Never start pitching referrals right after the sale. Instead, thank them for choosing you (Via a Thank you page if online or a card if offline), and offer a support contact ID they can reach out to in case of any queries.
  • Check-In – Create a referral email sequence where you check-in to see if they are happy with their purchase to send them E-Mail blasts for their birthdays with special offers
  • Follow up for Referrals – Once the rapport is built with your existing clients, you can send them an email sequence requesting references of their associates who might be interested in what you do.

2. Socialize To Create and Expand your connections

This is the fun aspect of referral marketing.
Referrals are found amongst the people you know, so why not take steps in getting to knowing more people and maintaining relationships with your existing connections?

Socializing is a great way to do this. It is simple, it’s fun and it is extremely rewarding.
All you need to do is never say no to invitations – Be it a housewarming party, a picnic, a book reading – Make yourself available for social calls.

Make sure to be a gracious host too – Invite people to your own special events and always make it a point to take the contact details of anyone new you are meeting.

Though while this can be a fun aspect of marketing, it can also be a stressful one. We talk about connections in this other blog as well as give some tips on how to navigate this tactic.

3. Use Referral Networking Sites and Applications like NuOp

Digital Channels have literally made it possible to connect with anyone and everyone, across the world. Use Networking sites like LinkedIn and NuOp to build connections that matter.

NuOp, in particular, will allow you to be the person that another business will think of if they have a client looking for a service in your niche. If you use NuOp articulately, you are just one connection away from landing your next client.

Though there are tons of tools out there to help you in your professional endeavors. And we put together a list of the top 5 that are worth looking at. Make sure to read that to learn more about the software you can reach for.  

4. Maintain Relationships with your Vendors and Industry Leaders

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Be sure to maintain a healthy relationship with all your marketing partners – Your vendors, distributors, and any third party agencies you are working with so that you will be the first person they’ll think of every time they see a potential client.

Also be in regular touch with the influencers in your industry, aside from knowing they are also powerhouses of the right connections.

5. Be Pleasant and Approachable

Now, this is one soft-skill that is a must for referral marketing. People need to be comfortable approaching you in case they have any queries or if they want to share leads.

You do not need to be an extreme extrovert to be approachable, just be pleasant and welcoming so that anyone can approach you without any hesitation.

All charged to build your referral marketing plan?

Tell us in the comments below which action step resonated the most with you!


There you have it– top 5 tips in order to charge your referral business to success. If you found this blog to be helpful why don't you check out our always growing list of valuable content here.

And as always thanks for reading.