NuOp Agent Spotlight: Claire Ackerman

Charles Darwin once wrote about the “survival of the fittest.” In his famous “On the Origin of Species,” Darwin argued that only those that can best adapt to the changes around them will survive. I don’t think that Charles Dawin could have conceptualized how his theory would be used and quoted for years to come, but I do think that he could easily assess that a person like Claire Ackerman would not only survive, she would thrive.

Claire Ackerman has been in the industry for seventeen years. She has seen countless changes and, yet, still remains on top of her ever-evolving game. Claire started on the title side of real estate and then became an agent in 2005 just as the real-estate-bubble was bursting. Shortly thereafter, Claire listed and sold distressed properties, including foreclosures. As the market started to shift, she began working with a brokerage listing and selling short sales. After completing over 350 short sales, Claire sensed the tides of real estate changing yet again. It was then that she decided to create an investment branch of her business to begin to bridge the gap to bring off-market properties to investors and buyers, alike. Additionally, Claire does traditional home sales, coaches her own team of agents, and coaches agents nationwide. Furthermore, Claire also shows agents how to scale and accelerate their business with her business METRIX. To say that Claire adapts and expands is an understatement. She’s positively meteoric.

Like many agents, Claire is a problem-solver. The thing is though, Claire is a person that treats each problem, as routine as it may seem on the surface, as a unique case. She draws from experience, but she understands that there is nuance to each problem that arises with each transaction. It’s that attentiveness and that care that allow for Claire to continue to emerge as a better and better agent each time. It’s how she keeps building upon her previous practice and broadening her base.

There is deep element of heart and compassion that rings through all of what Claire does. She loves to help others attain what it is that they desire. Think of her as a conduit of achievement?—?Claire is helping that new buyer find the perfect home, selling her clients home for top dollar, or helping investors further their portfolios. Claire wants to deliver each client to their end goal. For example, in the thousands of houses that Claire has sold, there have been multiple instances where elderly parents have gone into senior living and their families need to get income to offset and support those costs. Claire has been able to help these families liquidate their properties quickly and give them that peace of mind. But Claire does not stop the relationship at the end of a transaction. She makes sure that each client she has, she maintains through continuously building their relationship. She also coaches other agents and business owners on how to do the same in order to raise their levels of overall customer experience.

With regard to online networking, Claire saw NuOp as a place of opportunity. She told me that the idea of being “able to network with agents in other cities, to be able to bridge that gap and help clients, it offers an edge.” Claire sees NuOp as a chance to connect with other agents, but also as a competitive advantage to others that may not be using the app. “Being able to offer that true professional in another area” solves an issue within the industry when clients are moving out of area.

When I ask Claire about her own personal philosophy, she tells me that her vision is to live and work in a way that is “transparent and authentic while delivering the experience to our clients, and raising the bar in the industry overall.” She has this set of ideas readily prepared to dispense when I ask her the question. The thing that strikes me is her commitment to her own vision and her ability to convey it at a moment’s notice to a stranger. It’s clarity like that, a trained, clear set of principles, that allows any business or person to acclimate in whatever the condition and grow.

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