Real Estate App List - Recommendations

The real estate app you pick can define how you do business. You want to make sure you pick the right one right? Check out our list here.

Real Estate App List - Recommendations
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This blog has been updated with new information for 2023!

With the ever-growing app store and new entertainment, organization, gaming apps, and more coming out seemingly every day. Finding the best real estate app for you and your team can be tricky. And outside of having so many options, there are also many great ones like Zillow or RPR (who is on this list!). So we did the heavy lifting and put together a quick list of the best options for you. And took a deeper dive bringing forward the best parts of each.

If you like these list-style or insightful blogs, check out our consumer trends informational blog as well, which is jammed-packed with juicy info to help you position yourself for success. And lastly, this is not listed in any specific way. Just because Calendly is at number one does not mean that it’s the end all be all, since it’s not. It can’t be! It’s only a calendar and organizational app, this list holds a wide range of all kinds of apps to charge your real estate productivity.

1) Calendly

To start, we have an app that everyone can most likely use and benefit from. And that is Calendly, which was mentioned very quickly at the top to be, as clear by the name, a calendar app. Gone are the days of missing meetings because you forgot or the days when you overbook yourself. Think about it, if you are an agent, broker, lender, or anyone who has to deal with many people in a day, how awesome a tool like Calendly is. A sleek and simple utility with lots of benefits:

  • Import your google calendar data.
  • Embed Calendly right on your website for customers to make appointments seamlessly.
  • Let your visitors vote on the best meeting times.
  • Analytics and meeting polls.

This app holds a lot of value for you agents that are always on the move, or who want the ease of letting others schedule themselves. And you can use it for free as well. A strong organizational app for strong agents.

2) NuOp

NuOp logo circle

Up next is NuOp, a platform that is growing quickly and will change the way people exchange referrals forever. How? Well to start with NuOp is the first truly peer-to-peer or P2P service for agents and other professionals. That’s right, you do not have to worry about going through an external middleman or organization. Or worry about your own referrals and data being sold back to you for higher prices.

NuOp’s referral fees are also only ever due at closing. So you do not have to worry about making some sort of buy-in upon claiming a referral. No longer will you have to worry about the lead closing or not, you will not have to make any kind of monetary investment until you get your paycheck from that lead. And these agreements are legally bound automatically for you using blockchain. So you also never have to worry about the integrity of your agreements again as well as skip the paperwork.

NuOp also gives you features such as:

  • My Ops – A powerful data collection tool that shows you info such as how many referrals/Ops you created or taken, by who, dates, and much more.
  • Invite & Earn – Know someone who would love NuOp? Invite them to the platform and earn a percentage from their referral fees.
  • Instant Notification – Always be in the know when there are available referrals near you!

NuOp will help you grow as an agent whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new agent just starting out. NuOp will empower you to succeed. Make sure to read about us on The Close as well. As people are starting to see more and more how NuOp can change their professional lives for the better. The icing on this cake is the fact that NuOp is free! you get base access to most of the platform with an Essential account but you can get even more in-depth tools and options with a higher plan at low costs. Why not give it a try?

3) Connecteam

Connecteam logo

Another great real estate app, although it’s can be used for anything really, is Connecteam. This kind of falls into the field of an organization app like Calendly but for teams. This is a great tool that can really help you and your clients, or you and your team of agents. Just like how Calendly lets people set up meetings or other events, Connecteam can make those things come to life. With another easy-to-use app, you have a bunch of tools at your fingertips to meet with your agents or clients. As well as simply to have in-house meetings. Some other cool features I found while putting this together:

  • An integrated time clock to monitor timing.
  • Real-time reports and checklists from people in the field.
  • Task management.
  • Events and Surveys
  • Timeline for employees.

And once again they offer a basic plan that is free for small businesses. There is a theme going on here that is really awesome, a lot of tech is being given away for free to those who need it. A trend that would be great to continue.

4) RPR

RPR logo

This one is less a real estate app and more of a real estate database. RPR is essentially a database of properties for realtors. There are a large number of options to pick from, it just depends on what you are looking for. Need a way to help organize your brokerage? RPR will repost your company logo on their site and mobile app as well as be displayed on RPR agent reports among other useful growth tools. Are you an appraiser? That’s covered to. How about a commercial buyer? RPR has that nailed down to. This database is a great swiss army knife if you are a larger company.

Among these they also offer:

  • Listing presentations
  • Prospecting
  • Investment analysis
  • Buyer tours and open houses
  • Relocations

This is a great tool for agents and is also free to use. With a vast and powerful toolset, this one is a no-brainer. Though you may want to keep in mind your goals and size. There is a slightly higher learning curve in complexity, but if you can make it work for your team then RPR can be a great tool for you to use.\

5) Opcity/ logo

The last app I want to talk about is Opcity which is now called This app gives you a lot of different options in how you want to go about finding leads. First off they pre-screen leads with no cost upfront, and they put you into contact with leads Via a three-way phone call. The agent (you), them, and the pre-screened referral, so you know your time is being used wisely and this is a serious lead that wants to close. Also, will want their fee so you can be sure that all the leads are quality.

Secondly, as mentioned above, if you are a broker then can save your agents a massive amount of time. They do this by pre-screening all leads themselves taking this burden off you and your team. Matter of fact they are so serious in this aspect that they will follow up with a potential lead 26 times! Then that lead is sent to you via their matching algorithm. also has:

  • Connections Plus – A lead generation and conversion system
  • Real estate marketing services
  • ReadyConnect Live Buyer – A Lendor solution.



Looking for an apartment over a home? has got you covered. You are able to check out all kinds of apartments in your local area and see all the information you would expect. Square feet, bathrooms, bedrooms monthly rent, and so on. Also being able to check out photos and virtual tours is a great addition that should help you sort out your next move. also has:

  • A built-in F&Q for helpful info a guides
  • Build in map that lists available properties as you move to new areas.

7) Landa

This one is slightly different from the rest and that is because Landa is an app for all you real estate investors out there. Landa takes the angle of making this complex and vast industry, simple for beginners and transparent. Most importantly an investor can get started with only 5 dollars and the motivation to grow from there.

Landa also has:

  • Strong built-in education to help you get started.
  • A transparent explanation of their business model.  
  • A built-in dictionary of real estate terms.

8) Instagram


Wait don't skip over this one just yet, there is a reason it's on this list. Instagram and other social media platforms, even if they are on fire, are one of the best ways to gain exposure and grow. Think about it; how many businesses have a social media presence? Then follow that up with how many times have you learned of a new business from social media? Over 50% of consumers find out about new brands from social media! No matter the size of your business or image you should be using one of the many social media apps out there. People want to see content from agents and companies, not just ads trying to sell.

Never underestimate the power of community management and growth. It can make you or break you, even if you're a solo agent.  

Instagram also has:

  • Live video to hold conversations with your audience.
  • Stories, reels, posts, and countless ways to grow a following.
  • Grow your Facebook at the same time as Instagram can post your content directly on that platform as well.

9) Rocket Mortgage

Another different kind of real estate app is Rocket Mortgage. Being one of the top home loan lenders in the country they have grown a rather large name for themselves. Also being a leader in the field they have developed an industry-leading app as well which allows you to do a lot of the process right from your phone. Getting pre-approval, submitting documentation and e-signing has never been more simple for all parties involved.

Rocket Mortgage also has:

  • Submit payments from the app.
  • Partners with Palmetto for solar energy options.
  • Rocket Auto. An online car buying alternative.
  • Rocket Money.  A money management addition.      

10) Xhome

Last up is Xhome a database of national housing auctions. This app uses national data on real estate to find and list properties going on the market all over the country. Like Landa, it takes a road of simplicity and has buyers and sellers in mind. This means that if you are a buyer you can find auctions in your area with ease and for sellers, you can view other sellers and even try to beat them to the listings.

Xhome Also has:

  • A foreclosure sales option where you can find foreclosures, bank owned properties, and short sales.
  • Auction calendar to track upcoming auctions and even events.
  • A built-in learning center to grow confidence and education.


There you have it! A quick list of real estate apps to help you with your day-to-day. Hopefully, this helps out with your goals as we can do a lot on our own. But sometimes having that helping hand to pull you to new levels of growth and success can be rewarding. Make sure to check out our growing list of other blogs here as well if you enjoyed this one. And if you like what NuOp has to offer, you can always sign up for free now.