Advice From Agents During the Pandemic

Sometimes we need to hear from others. Now more then ever. That's why we put together some of the best advice from realtors we could find into one blog.

Advice From Agents During the Pandemic
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” And luckily, in this article, we are going to visit with four agents to highlight what advice they have for other RE Agents during this uncertain time.

In our previous article, Adapt and Survive: RE Agents and the Pandemic, we highlighted agents from multiple states to show how the Housing Market was in their area and how they were experiencing and adapting to the pandemic. We are featuring four of those insightful and helpful agents below.

Marilee Wolf

Marilee Wolf is a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Fox & Roach Realtors. According to her webpage, Wolf has 15 successful years of experience helping her clients buy and sell all types of residential properties from South Philadelphia to Chester County and everywhere in between. Her sterling reputation high level of ethics negotiating experience and no-pressure approach have won her recognition awards and referrals year after year.

Marilee Wolf’s Advice

Marilee says that “this is not the time to launch that marketing campaign that is all about what a great agent you are.   Be really mindful right now of your content.   Get on the phone with everyone in your database with a call or a text to just ask how they are doing and DO NOT bring up real estate.   Go onto FB with videos or content that is helpful and sensitive to our times, not just with your new listing or just sold photos.   Any efforts you put into relationship building or community outreach right now will be remembered later in the form of referrals and business…. As long as it is sincere.

Arthur Deych

Arthur Deych has been in Real Estate since 2005. He is the proud owner of Red Tree Real Estate in Coolidge Corner. Deych is a developer of property, seasoned broker and property manager with extensive experience in investment properties with over twenty five agents working on his team. Deych has won many awards and recognitions and continues to grow his business year after year.

Arthur Deych’s Advice

“This is the best time ever for Agents to work on their sphere of influence. Go back to what makes you your strongest agent.  Hit the phones. Do not sell to people. See where you can bring people value.

You have to consider that a lot of people have been stuck in their homes for a long time. People will start a project or realize they don’t like some aspect of their house. Have someone you can hook them up with. Use your resources: the contractors, plumbers, other service providers. Make good connections. No one is asking for restaurants, no one is asking for vacation spots. Know where they should go on a hike, know about the attorney to speak to about wills/trusts, know who is a good a painter. Create and maintain good connections. Bring value to people. “

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Virginia Corbett

With twenty years experience on Wall Street in Communications, Marketing and Event Planning, Virginia Corbett brings an unsurpassed level of attention to detail, marketing savvy, negotiation skills and dedication to personal service into every client relationship.Virginia is an Agent with RE/MAX Town & Country with a deep love for helping others achieve their Real Estate goals.

Virginia Corbett’s Advice

“I had a real shift in my thinking about a week into the Non Essential Worker Shelter in Place Order.  Up until then I was trying to figure out how I could hold things together until everything got “back to normal.” It then hit me that things are never going “back to normal,” not completely. I asked myself, “what if this is the way we have to work for many months or years, what would I do?”   From that moment I went all in on reshaping our business to operate as robustly as possible in the current environment.  So I would challenge every agent to ask themselves that same question, and I would be happy to talk to any agents out there that are struggling in their business about how to make that shift.”

Frank Muccari

Frank Muccari of Cronin and Company Real Estate is a passionate Agent with tons of business and negotiating experience. Muccari is an entrepreneur-turned-Agent with a network of professional contacts throughout many industries. Muccari loves the range of experiences that Real Estate has to offer including the thrill of the hunt to helping his clients find whatever it is they need. His quick growth and leadership within the industry has put him on a short list of Agents to watch.

“Don’t give up, but at the same time do not over commercialize yourself right now. It is quite apparent that many are hurting financially and or emotionally from losing a loved one. I said this very early on, over advertising right now would backfire on the aggressive agent. Be there for your clients make yourself available for new clients things will return to normal over time. Our market will explode when the time is right. My prediction is values will climb over the next 12-24 months from an increasing number of NYC buyers that lived through this nightmare and desperately will want out.”

Overall Advice

All of the agents we spoke to have found ways to adapt and survive. They are properly positioning themselves throughout the Pandemic by maintaining their spheres of influence through many types of direct and sincere communication. Our adapted agents ask themselves and they ask you to consider what is going on in the world now. They want you to accept the reality of it, to analyze it, understand it, and see where you can add the most value. Heed their advice.