Thrive With Invite & Earn

NuOp's Invite & Earn program is a great tool to tap into. Not only does it allow you to invite people. But you get paid for it too. Read more here.

Thrive With Invite & Earn

A big part of a platform like NuOp is its community. NuOp is at its best when there are a lot of Members on the platform. Also if you have been around on the internet for long enough you would likely have come across various referral programs. These programs are there to reward people for inviting others. We talked about this a lot in our blog about referral programs and the top 5 examples. But today we wanted to talk about NuOp’s invite & earn and why you should use it, so let's start with what is invite and earn?

Hint: you get free money.

What Is Invite & Earn?

The Invite & Earn program is a program that rewards you for taking part in inviting your network or others you think would enjoy the site. When these people join NuOp and upgrade to a Pro account you will start to earn 10% of all money earned by them. Pretty cool huh? And if you are worried about being on some sort of time limit, you are not. We know it takes some time for people to get into something new. So when people join using your link and sign up for an Essential account and have it for about two years before upgrading that’s fine! The moment they upgrade to Pro, you will be able to see some extra cash.

All of this means you get free profit from just sending out invites to your network. This helps you in a whole host of ways. For one, the more people you invite into your invite & earn and the more convert to a Pro membership, the more cash you will see. Also, more people on NuOp means more referrals and chances for business growth for you. It’s a win-win!

Let's look at how you get paid next.

Use It To Get Paid

As just mentioned you can use this program to get paid, and there is no limit on how many people or who you can invite. So if you get your entire network or people who you think will benefit the most from NuOp. You could be looking and some big paydays. And all of this gets tracked on your page as well.

Many other referral programs out there may have cool perks like extra space or a shout-out. But how many do you know that will literally give you free money? And with no limits or restrictions, not that many. Now let’s take a look at My Network and how that can help you super charge your inviting.

Invite & Earn With “My Network.”

We just came out with a new feature called “My Network” which impacts invite and earn in a great way. Now you can make and send invites in this new tool, making the process a whole lot simpler. And this tool also lets you keep in contact with those you invite. And with other people you worked with in the past who you may want to stay in contact with. This feature allows you to focus your effort on who matters the most. Want to learn more? Check out this helpful article explaining more about it and how to get started.


The Invite & Earn program at NuOp is a great way to jump-start your time on the platform, help it grow, and get rewarded for it! The more people on NuOp means it’s more likely for you and other Members to find referrals. As well as opportunities just right for you and maybe even make some really strong business connections. If you want in on this action make sure you sign up for free today and start growing!

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